Israel destroys last Hezbollah tunnel from Lebanon
News Agencies
Published: 03.06.19, 22:37
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1. A mistake to destroy the tunnel
This Tunnel might have been useful one day.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (06.04.19)
Money going to waste every single day. The mullahs know that they can’t get anywhere with their jihad biz, built they can still send money out of Iran with all kinds of excuses. Beirut is buried in trash while these guys graves 22 stories dip. Hey EU!! Keep buying the oil and give them nukes too! We know you really don’t care about humanity and human rights crap you all talk about.
3. "Israel destroys last Hezbollah tunnel from Lebanon"
Good One! ,   Kempher, IN   (06.04.19)
June 4, 2020 Headline:

"Israel discovers more tunnels under Lebanese border. "

*IDF shocked
** Netanyahu conveys emergency meeting with IDF brass
*** Hezbollah: LOL!
****Casual observer: Zzzz

4. m
moishe   (06.04.19)
if tunnel builders would apply genius efforts and resources to rebuilding areas they destroyed there would be great prosperity and peace in the land. stupid destroyers and stupid supporters. how sad.
5. They say they destroyed it but......
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.04.19)
maybe they didn't and are saving it for future use.

But it would have been interesting to fill it with natural gas and blow the thing up to see what explodes on the Lebanese side. Did it originate from a private house, a school, a hospital, a mosque? That would show the world what absolute bastards Hezbollah really is.
MR CYNIC ,   SAFED HONESTY   (06.04.19)
Israel could have used these tunnels to create a new Metro/ underground system ,like the London Underground for example.
7. bennett will be new defense minister
jerome   (06.04.19)
bibi is headed to jail without a doubt. as for impeccable credentials of gantz as one journalist put it, those credentials did nothing for israel in the gaza war for which gantz was mightily and properly criticized. he is going to noplace along with arrogant olmert crony lapid.

bennett will be new defense minister. later bibi will be convicted and headed to jail for a short time.

leiberman talks tough but he was bibi #2 as defense minister.
8. security moron
marcel   (06.04.19)
why would you extend fishing zone when baloon and forest fires wreak havoc. bibi is like olmert, a security moron. he knows nothing from nothing and listens to whatever the idf tells him

under bibi, hamas and hezbollah keep growing like cancers. bandaid bibi does the minimum and even that at the instigation of trump who says hit them. on his own, he does nothing from nothing.

recall shapira report heavily criticized bibi in the gaza war as he did not know what the hell was going on and what to do.

gantz is as bad as bibi and lapid is even worse if that is possible.
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