The Jews have never been ruled by Jewish law
Chen Sror Artzi
Published: 05.06.19, 10:33
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Jews have never been ruled by jewish law ,which is why they are so messed up !
2. Mezalzel Bostich
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (06.05.19)
is reinventing Judaism and tries to enforce it upon the Israeli people. Does he have the support of the Storm Troops of the militant extreme right and of the militant extreme orthodox "Jews"?

Do we really need "religious" political extremist and supremacist leaders? Do we really like this religious scum?

Who gives him the right to impose his nonsense political ideas upon us? Is it his personal Idol?

3. Lack of basic right to be born, married & buried without
the approval of some religious body is appalling.
Other than that our country is all dandy.
4. What does halakha say about...
traffic rules, cybersecurity, bioethics, engineering standards, modern military, space travel, nanotechnologies, cryptocurrencies or public transportation? Because these are things that create modern Israel. Why is the current legislation, made by Jewish lawyers and judges in the spirit of Jewish ethics not good enough for you? Say it openly! What is it that you REALLY want, when you talk about "halakhic law"?
5. "marriages, divorces and deaths” and...? U forgot something!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Raanana   (06.05.19)
Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim Dark Ages mindset “Halacha already controls much of our lives - our marriages, divorces and deaths” -- you’ve forgotten the geir; Shemot 22.20-23.

Not only those who converted by non-Orthodox rabbis, but even some converted by Orthodox rabbis. Then there’s the innumerable non-Orthodox of world Jewry who are disinherited by the Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim’s REFORMED definition of a Jew that disinherits MOST of world Jewry, who are non-Orthodox and likened by the Ultra-Orthodox Khareidim to GOYIM (Crusaders, etc.).
eli ,   tel aviv   (06.05.19)
You simply don't know what Judaism and Halacha is about! What you say has nothing to do with it.
7. Wahabbism and Khomeinism also
j   (06.05.19)
appeared our of blue in the places where the religion was previously more of a tradition. So never say never.
8. Laws are based on Plato. He learnt from Hebrew scripts. It’s
Eden   (06.05.19)
Ridiculous to slander Smotrich.

If we could all have a little moderation from Torah laws. It would be happiness. It’s a Jewish state.

The author states. I tell u a secret.....

Please go read the Talmud and look for references to Socrates and Yirmuahu
9. follow the money...
and you will learn that MK Mr. Smotrich like so many other members of the religious right wing settler movements receives very significant monetary support from Fundamentalist Christians in the United States.
These funds are channeled into Israel via various organizations...so successful have they been that there is even a Knesset Christian Allies Caucus and in the USA Congress an Israel Allies Caucus. These two groups are pushing around a lot of money which buys them a great deal of influence. They may not always be able to buy members of Knesset and Congress out right but they sure are spending enough money to rent their services from time to time.

All of these American Fundamentalist Christian political groups have a specific agenda...they are NOT interested in Israel as an independent nation they are interested in using Israel to further their own Christian Messianic agenda.

Mr. Smotrich, (several other MKs and a late American-Israeli Rabbi) while remaining Jewish have absolutely no problem accepting Christian money and furthering the Christian Messianic agenda. One of the ways the Fundamentalist Christians are furthering their agenda is by stirring up discord and trouble between Jews and Arabs another is by stirring up discord and trouble between Jews and other Jews. Their ultimate goal is to destabilize Israel in order to precipitate the arrival of their Messiah and the full Christianization of Israel.
Don't believe? fine! but at least look all of this up on line...it's there and you should know about it!
10. Really the new immigrant needs a Teudat Yahadut.
NYC   (06.05.19)
A letter from a Rabbi who knows you are Jewish.
11. Jews prefer ' Pride Parades ' to Torah.
12. Sovereign of Secular democracy?
Kevin Bermeister ,   Sydney   (06.07.19)
Logic dictates a convergence of secular and religious law that follows existing State practices. https://israelfact.blogspot.com/2019/06/democratic-israel-secular-or-sovereign.html
13. Is not forced
Hajja   (06.07.19)
As rule beliefe is personal
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