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Russia has unexpected message for Iran on Syria
Alex Fishman
Published: 04.06.19, 23:15
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1. Recognition of Assad regime must....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (06.05.19)
also include a clause that authorises observation teams to be allowed to visit any suspected sites in Syria to ensure compliance to the recognition agreement.
2. President Trump’s moves are having a positive effect for the
Arnie ,   Montreal   (06.05.19)
good guys.
3. Syria is no longer a sovereign state
C   (06.05.19)
syria is the fiefdom of assad who is ruled by iran and russia.
assad is still alive only due to russian protection.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (06.05.19)
They quickly moved in making ISIS as an excuse. Now, VLADI enjoying the black gold benefit for life there. I don’t think the mullahs are going to get anything. VLADI knows that they maybe gone soon. No one will fork in the cash to rebuild the place. Trump’s max pressure is doing a Great job making sure of that. Hezzis pay a lot to their so called Christian supporters. Vladi will not waste a penny on Syria and is already taking the place to cleaners. Soon, there will be more discontent with Assad and then fresh trouble will begin.
5. The quagmire is being unraveled
this human   (06.05.19)
It's fomentors can fight the world, itself, or deal for prosperity and life in peace. I have no doubt the threatened will choose cling. Again, bad decision.
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