Report: Corbyn visited Arafat in 2002
Published: 04.06.19, 22:17
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1. Tell us something we have no inkling of, like:Brits love us!
2. and here I thought our variety of US Leftists were alarming
Cameron   (06.05.19)
This Corbyn figure just radiates daffy malice.

The British will not allow an unworthy idjit like that to assume the office of PM.

Cannot happen.
3. Corbyn is a Communist
C   (06.05.19)
communists do not care about poor people.
communists care about alliances with dictatorial regimes whose people
they can then exploit.
indeed, communists have created large numbers of dictatorial regimes
by making promises to the people which were never kept.
communism is an imperial ideology which wants to take over the
world with the sole aim of enriching the leaders at the expense
of the population.
4. Is there any terrorist Corbyn hasn't visited?
Jake   (06.05.19)
Any Jew-killer he doesn't "count among his closest friends?"
5. Corbyn
freddy hollander ,   amsterdam   (06.05.19)
Your report is not completely accurate. Corbyn did request a meeting with Trump. Trump refused as Corbyn did not want to attend the State dinner out of protest. Corbyn is a virulent anti semite who had dinner with Hamas, Hezbollah, the IRA in their worst terrorist time, attended a state dinner with the president of China but would not attend a dinner with the president of the USA . Says enough about Corbyn. I do not agree with some of the Trump measures but in this case I applaud him for snubbing this Marxist Jew hater.
7. Nadav Katz, FB
C   (06.05.19)
i agree with you completely. shalom
8. Bertram the wimp rubs shoulders w. Nazi Corbyn, Jihad Khan
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.05.19)
9. so...o..o..o...??? what's the f..problem???
TheWall   (06.06.19)
10. Correction-Corbin wanted to meet Trump-Trump didnt want it
Alan ,   SA   (06.09.19)
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