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The 'Iron Dome' for mosquitoes
Yisrael Wolman
Published: 07.06.19, 14:49
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1. Detect it and fry it
Boaz   (06.07.19)
That’s what beams are for
2. Yet another clever way to introduce a tracking device into
our lives.
In 20 years there won't be such thing as "privacy".
Funny how we've brought this up on ourselves willingly& with full knowledge of consequences, are paying for this and still crave MORE!!!!
Cellular technology has enslaved us in such insidious ways, that make Stalin & his totalitarian buddies seem like boy-scouts.
3. should get one for the knesset.
4. Wonderful
Gershon ,   Paris   (06.08.19)
It's a fantastic invention allowing us finally to get a good night's sleep after eliminating the annoying insects.
5. Ticks Next???
Jack ,   Cedar Rapids   (06.12.19)
Faster Please!!!
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