Man hurt in central Israel stabbing; police hunting attacker
Raana Ben Tzur
Published: 05.06.19, 11:43
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1. They live, walk, breed among us & we're never safe!!!!
2. 100 of fires throughout the country now proven arson by arab
Where are Israeli leaders?
Where are the police?

Why does ynet not report on this?
3. Terrorist will have street named after him in Gaza+West Bank
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.05.19)
Candies will be handed out. A reward will be given to family. That's the mentality of these people. Go make peace with them.
5. knife/gun attacks
jack   (06.05.19)
aside from law enforcement and military, there is debate on whether citizenry should have guns as things can get out of hand. Evidence over the last 75 years shows that when facing an armed street people attacking a sit back passive Israeli society, bare hands or calling cops are insufficient. and condolences from the president and pm on butchered victims are worthless.

the law needs to change to permit the citizenry to enjoy full right to use weapons in the face of terror. proportion should not be considered. in other words, when facing a knife attack whose intent is to kill, a gun response should be permitted. the legal impediment needs to be removed totally.The other side is watching and has been pouncing on a weak israeli society.

the high court needs to consider this and fast as relying on law enforcement is woefully inadequate.

only an armed citizenry can reduce the impact of street terror.

6. Religion of peace
David ,   New york   (06.05.19)
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