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Palestinian public furious over secret 67% pay raise for ministers
Associated Press
Published: 05.06.19, 20:49
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Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (06.06.19)
Everyone just instigate the PALIS to go to war and die, but none of them really can help them have a real legitimate reason to have a state. The sooner PALIS ask Jordan to be their custodian the father their progress begin. Waiting for MAHDI or conquering Jerusalem will not solve their problem. They have no real blue print for a successful society. They can’t govern and won’t allow anyone to govern for them either.
2. Leaders cut Pals money+make them martyrs but need nice life.
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.05.19)
3. Not so different from Netanyahu's govt
grip   (06.06.19)
Most Israeli have for years had out of touch governance. And what can be said about personal gain of the people's money in the form of "coalition funds"? What about the frequent cases of illicit transfers of funds designated for public use by ministers who decide that his/her own tribal needs are greater - such as money in the health budget finding its way to yeshivas, and money designated for agriculture (which is in worrying decline) finding its way into the hands of Yesha council housing and other projects.

There can be no reason to point fingers at the PA when it's happening on our own doorstep. And has been for decades.
4. What's news about this?Governments including
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (06.06.19)
Israel these days appear to attract the type of people who are in it for the money - I guess it beats going out and actually working for a living- only recently Israeli MPs got a wage rise- until the public actually do something about it it will continue- as for the pals standing up to Fatah and Hamas hell is likely to freeze over first.
5. Typical behavior of EVERY government.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.06.19)
Pay raises snuck in with other legislation happens all the time. But this kick-in-the-gut to the Arabs, while they make almost nothing, is truly disgusting. That Abbas would allow it shows that the entire good-old-boys network must be thrown out and new people brought in.

Will the Arabs get mad enough to throw the carpetbaggers out?
Of course not.
Arafat and Abbas have brainwashed the Arabs into being incapable of thinking for themselves.

Time for the Arabs to grow up. Can they?
6. Leaders use "Palestine" hoax to become billionaires
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.06.19)
Deep inside, every "Palestinian" leader knows "Palestine" is a hoax, and that no such state will ever exist. But what a lucrative hoax! Arafat used it to become a billionaire. Abbas is using it to become a billionaire. The hoax will continue till Western taxpayers demand an end to the mad flow of their hard earned money to evil fictional "Palestine".
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