Cable cars making a comeback in the Old City of Jerusalem
Yael Fridson
Published: 08.06.19, 08:51
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1. Most of the pleasure and excitement of
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (06.08.19)
Visiting the old city is to walk thru the various quarters - sites,smells and atmosphere which compliment the experience+ building a cable car from the old station might prove a short term tourist attraction but with hotel prices in most cases more than the average cost of a low cost flight ticket from Europe maybe money could be spent on finding a way to increase tourists to come to a country with a high cost of living then building a "pie in the sky" which as in the case of the cable car in Haifa is a white elephant.
claudio   (06.08.19)
The cable-car must be to the Mecca, and one way ticket.
4. Just where will the 3000 hourly visitors park their car/bus?
miki ,   jerusalem   (06.08.19)
5. ....
Tal Sharvit ,   Jerusalem   (06.08.19)
When EVER has there been a necessity (even on Shavuot) for transporting “3,000 visitors an hour” into the Old City? (Nor would a fraction of that number find parking space at the First Station parking lot where the cable car is supposed to originate.)
6. Old Train Station
is located far from any significant bus/tram routes. How are the visitors supposed to get there? By foot?
7. Photo shows entrance is on top of 1st Temple Cemetery!
TotalMadness ,   Jerusalem   (06.08.19)
Or “ Bible Hill “ where the oldest Copy of a biblical verse was found the Priestly Blessing in a First Temple Cemetery what a travesty already built over the cemetery already built over the cemetery is an anti Israel Scotch Presbyterian Church St Andrews the Begin Center abd now this ?!!
8. Cablecars? Expensive excuse 4 not collecting rubbish!
Because. Word. Lining a construction contractor's pockets with money is easier than cleaning up!
9. Politicians say that Jerusalem is Israeli capital, but
this may be hard to believe to any visitor of its Eastern section. Improve the infrastructure there, widen the roads, build public areas, improve garbage collecting, public transportation and availability of schools.
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