Gaza factions warn of escalation over stalled ceasefire terms
Published: 06.06.19, 11:37
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1. Make Gaza supplies conditional on getting rid of rockets.
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.06.19)
Gaza gets resupplied and the rockets start again. How dumb can Israel get? If Gaza wants supplies it shouldn't be able to get them AND fire rockets and firebombs. War on the Israeli south is just perpetuated in this way.
2. Hamas sickening SUBJUGATION of Gaza
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.06.19)
How much more will Gaza TOLERATE of their pointless wars and destruction, their monstrous greed and corruption and the grinding misery and hopelessness that is the only legacy of all their years in power

And Hamas would rather condemn Gaza to 'wars without end' until Israels 'final destruction however long it takes' than look for solutions that enable a FREE and VIABLE and UNIFIED Palestine alongside Israel within mutually secure borders that respects the rights, security, sovereignity and self determination of both
3. Gaza has NO RIGHT to...
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (06.07.19)
make any conditional demands of Israel. Israel must threaten to hold back 100% of any aid for any security situation insinuated by the Palestinians that has any attempt to breach the Israeli border or to commit acts of terrorism against the state of Israel. And that only a trickle 10% of the fund will be released for the 1st week of calm, and only an incremental of 15% of the funds will be added every week until 100%, only if there is no security situation between Israel and Gaza.
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