AG rejects fresh Netanyahu request to delay hearings in corruption probes
Tova Tsimuki and i24News
Published: 06.06.19, 14:22
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1. Nowhere to hide Bibi
David ,   Netanya   (06.06.19)
And nothing will save you from the long arm of the law now.
2. I am lending support 2 our atty gen! and you?
3. Lock him up
Avi L.   (06.06.19)
4. Innocent until proven guilty, but delayed justice--isn't
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Raanana   (06.07.19)
One wonders if Bibi orchestrated the impasse with Lieberman primarily to create grounds for further postponement PLUS, collaterally, make Lieberman a "Fall Guy" (as whipped into a frenzy by most columnists of Israel haYom--demonstrating themselves to be Fake News!). "Coincidentally" worked out wonderfully for Bibi's camp on both counts, until AG refused his request.
5. He's innocent thus won't need much time preparing his case.
6. ehud barak
ron   (06.08.19)
barak has asked Israelis-have we lost our minds in regards to new elections and bibi appointing justice minister while he himself is close to indictment.

he urges Israelis to fight like hell to remove bibi.

First, Barak was a terrible pm whose concession offer were a damn sin. the holocaust says Jews have to control and defend their own defensible borders, no sharing period. otherwise, we have learned nothing.

second, since barak does not think much about bibi as a soldier, why did he not get him tossed out of the idf as bibi is incapable of leading any major assault. he only does the minimum and begs trump and putin to compensate while givng speeches. Yet barak was famous for hitting near empty buildings, and his response to terror was pathetic and the reason why sharon beat the hell out of him in the elections.

Lastly, gantz is even worse than bibi, his gaza efforts were anemic.

bibi is a master politician way above barak.

the main reason for him being in power so long is the quality of the opposition-olmert and livni-2 cowards, herzog-don't say anything, and now lapid(an arrogant olmert crony), gabbay, and gantz. ths is why bibi will be reelected.

so if given a choice, Israelis will choose bibi over barak any day of the week.

vote for bennett.
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