Jerusalem's Gay Pride parade kicks-off amid at least 49 arrests
Published: 06.06.19, 17:04
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1. Tiresome, to say the least. Why again, do you think we have
forgotten of your existence?
I'm proud I'm Jewish, white, Ashkenazi, whatnot....big deal!
You don't see me & my buddies marching every Monday & June.
Trust me: I'm "oppressed" too :-)
2. To all these anti-gay people commenting above:
Eric ,   Montreal   (06.06.19)
And who do you think created the gay people if not God?
Being gay is not a personal choice.
Respect God's creation!
3. Amazing how...
manic drummer ,   Haifa   (06.06.19)
Israel lifted it's ban on gays serving in the IDF, yet in the US, liberals accuse Israel if being like Nazi Germany, committing genocide, reading and writing from right to left, etc.
4. what about a "hetero" parade?
Maximilain Teusch ,   Seldwyla   (06.06.19)
in a not too far away future heteros are the minority. why not preparing a parade for heteros, in Affulah or in Bne Brack?
True ,The Amighty did create homosexuality , and he did so in order to see whether some people would obey him ,or disobey.It is just a test.
6. Medical, biological, DNA & neuroscience: gender NOT binary
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Raanana   (06.07.19)
Due to society’s scientific ignorance, some innocent gender-indeterminate persons are unjustly grouped (and some group themselves) among the crowd of immorals and their fatuous supporters. Contrary to social myth, gender is scientifically non-binary--meaning that there is a spectrum of “in-betweeners” who are caught in a gender bind, trapped in a body that is neither male nor female. Tanakh respected these people, and they were NOT simply assumed to be homosexuals. See, and

True homosexuals, on the other hand, are so by choice. Neuroscience has repeatedly demonstrated that the brain is plastic--even changing physically, chemically, bending to the will of the person. See
7. Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.
Straight Up ,   NY, NY   (06.07.19)
8. Gayz are intolerant
Dovid ,   New Yawk   (06.07.19)
Gays booing minister Amir Ohana reminds me of the ACT Up So-damn-mites booing NYC Mayor Ed Koch who did so much fro them. The truth is Haredim crush the gays with sheer numbers and political muscle. Doo es Farsteicht?
9. What a gay day !
10. Gays are among The most anti Zionist anti Semitic groups
FakeTolerance ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.19)
A Minneapolis Gay bar owner posted anti Semitic posts DC Lesbian March forbids any Jewish symbols self hating gay Jews are rampant in Tel Aviv anti semis has always been prevalent in gay society..some of the top leaders in the Nazi movement were gay don’t portray them as saints and victims
11. Exaggerated parade numbers 3,000 at most
FakeNewsAGAIN!! ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.19)
They should all be demonstrating against rampant Gay Anti Semitism in America ,,,!
12. Racism rampant in Gay Community but covered up ..!
GayCoverup ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.19)
Gay Leaders here and USA are in the forefront of anti Zionism and anti Judaism and in the non Jewish Gay Community Anti Semitism is abd akeays has been RAMPANT this comment will never get posted as thee is a deliberate attempt to cover Gay Racism and antisenism among Gays ...
13. Perfect reasoning for keeping moslem refugees out of Europe,
because if your children live in an area where violence is normalized, such as: Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia, Sudan as a few examples...than they are more likely to grow up violent. I'd prefer friendly, peaceful homos as neighbors.
14. Israeli Leftist media gleefully reported Gays booing Ohana
LiberalsToleranceNOT ,   Jerusalem   (06.08.19)
The Leftist Israeli media showed over and over the Gays booing the Gay member of the Likud inadvertently showing how bigoted and intolerant both Gays and the “ liberal” Israeli medis are ....
15. So the ones that cannot help themselves being what they are:
namely LGBT are poking their finger in the eyes of those that likewise cannot "change their ways" without losing the very essence of what they are, namely the very religious ones....
Most of them (just like homosexuals) were "born into it"...
What's the point of all this?
16. Deacon
Boss unamba ,   Nigeria   (06.08.19)
Israel never learnt anything from the experience of their fore father's
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