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New report rings alarm bells on plastic consumption
Published: 06.06.19, 22:56
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1. Talk about consistency....
Marc Goldenberg ,   USA   (06.07.19)
When it suits you-- you refer to the observant Jewish community as "minuscule," "negligible," "insignificant." But, when it comes to environmental issues, overuse of plastic utensis -- suddenly they become "whole communities" that are not so insignificant. Three cheers for intellectual honesty!
2. Israel doesn't care for Environment, nor Nature
TheWall   (06.07.19)
Hundreds of thousands DIESEL vehicles daily pollute all of Israel, while in US and Canada 90% of diesel vehicles are trucks. Not even buses anymore.
In Toronto ALL buses are either Hybrid or Electric. And so is in most of EU.
All buses in Japan are electric.
Because of disgusting diesel buses, thousands of people get cancer every year, mostly those waiting on bus stops, on major streets in Tel Aviv for example. Allenby street in TA is probably one of the most polluted streets in the world. ALL day there all you breath is DIESEL FUMES. If anybody has to walk on this disgusting street, be wise, wear a FACE MASK, protect yourself.
3. One time plastic is a lie
Dan ,   kFAR sABA   (06.08.19)
Never have I used a supermarket "one time" bag once.
Unless torn, I use the bag for garbage or to store products.

The "one time" 10 agarot, is so people will purchase
specially made bags for their garbage and storage.

Bags on the beach, used to bring food to the beach and then
to collect and carry refuse from the beach.
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