Report: Hezbollah terror plot in UK foiled in 2015
Published: 10.06.19, 09:10
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1. They blacklist the militant wing. Oops they forgot political
Eden   (06.10.19)

Western politicians only look for a short term boost in their ratings. They forget they need to continue to live in the country they govern.

Then when it all goes wrong they blame America for not policing the Mid East.
2. When one sees a full photo of Nasrallah...
The Elixer ,   Ponds, FR   (06.10.19)
the descriptor, "fat little turd" comes to mind.

Just say'n.
3. Britain blacklisted Hezbollah’s military wing but not it's
Paul Kouchner ,   Paris   (06.10.19)
Political wing.
As if the two wings were different from one another.
Again British hypocrisy.
The British like their asses being rubbed by the Iranian and their friends.
Long live British Kingdomistan
4. O, Jeremy Corbyn, O Jeremy Corbyn
Joe Wyse ,   Hadera   (06.10.19)
It would be rather wonderful if Jeremy Corbyn were to face criminal charges for supporting Hizbollah terrorists planning to carry out terrorist acts on British soil .
I'm sure that Jeremy would relish the opportunity to demonstrate his wonderful sense of irony, a quality that he finds so sadly lacking among England's Jews.
5. What would the world do without the Mossad?
C   (06.10.19)
the uk, which has an excellent intelligence service, cannot protect itself.
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