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Pompeo: U.S. would 'push back' before Corbyn could implement anti-Jewish policies
Ynet, AFP
Published: 10.06.19, 11:17
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1. Repeat-Where are those UK Jews who always post UK has no
Alan ,   SA   (06.10.19)
Anti Jew feelings???
2. Corbin is MP for very radical Finsbury Mosque constituency
Alan ,   SA   (06.10.19)
Cometh the hour, cometh the appropriate man
3. This article is not real
Rich ,   Toronto   (06.10.19)
Trump want‘s to see Boris Johnson as Prime Minister so he can work a sweet trade deal with the UK when they leave the EU. Corbyn is not serious about Brexit and will stay in the EU if elected.
4. Brits although highly antisemitic don't strike me as
suicidal, so someone like Corbyn should have effect of a red cape on a bull....
Wait, RED: that could be the real reason they haven't kicked him to the Muslim dogs he apparently adores....!!!!!!!
So many Brits still fancy themselves "working-class", Bolshevik style :-))
5. US Republicans take lead in battling anti-semitism...
Pickles ,   Semitropic   (06.10.19)
US Jews rush to oust Trump.

6. Bertram the wimp is put to shame by Secretary Pompeo
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.11.19)
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