U.S. bans flying rainbow flag at Jerusalem embassy for Pride Month
Published: 10.06.19, 13:32
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1. I'm crying rainbow I'm not.
Eliyahu   (06.10.19)
2. Trump pushing global ban on anti-lgbt oppression
3. LGBT marches are banning JEWS who is regressive really??
There were LGBT thousands pf years ago its nothing new or progressive and their leadership are more often than not antijewish and tend TP support those who oppress the LGBT community.
The animals control the asylum.
4. LGBT movement One of the mostly antijewish globally
5. The gay stops here.
Vah Voom ,   Lakeside   (06.11.19)
Thank you Mike Pompeo and President Trump for stopping wayward civil servants from flying a flag that doesn't represent the US government. Their rainbow represents all of them, not all of US.

Gay is a behavior, not a nationality, and as of late, it's been getting really annoying. Very, very nice to see this movement get told, "No!"
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