Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
Israelis should not celebrate U.S. ambassador's talk of West Bank annexation
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 10.06.19, 23:13
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1. Yemini is a particularly thickheaded pundit: Yo dude: there
shall be NO made up land called "Palestine", not on Israeli land anyhow.
Almost every Israeli knows it by now.
Please, join the ranks of those "in the know".
2. Ben Dror Yemini is right
claudio   (06.11.19)
Who must celebrate is the muslim West Bank inhabitants......they pass to be a piece of sh!t for your leaders to form part of a great nation....!!!
3. It's good news! Stop trying to ruin it.
Go Friedman   (06.11.19)
4. I disagree, squeeze+annex will not create much different
leo ,   usa   (06.10.19)
bi-national state than Israel proper is today, not by meaningful degree anyway.
5. Annexation talk is about area with few Arabs+many settlers
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.11.19)
Again a Leftist trying to scare Israelis. Palestinians reject a Jewish state on any territory. You have to be pretty ignorant or a liar if you don't get that by now. So, it makes little difference if Israel annexes or not.
6. Yemini: good points of caution
Rafi ,   US   (06.11.19)
7. ben dror is like beilin
james   (06.11.19)
little difference between beilin and ben dror. well intentionned but fearful weak people, they are the first to offer concessions, always the first.

there are other ways injudea and samaria.

first some basics-jews have to control their own security on defensible lines-jordan valley/allenby, west bank ridges etc. without those, there is no point to a state.general allen's sensors you can shove up his rear end.

jordanian citizenship, area c, ancient israelis provinces of gad, menassah and reuben need to be discussed. of course beiliin and ben dror would say how dare we raise israeli interests and demands.

jews will never have peace in the middle east if they do not control their own borders period.
8. annex is good, it'll make israel 50% Jews 50% arab
theWa─║l   (06.11.19)
9. whose bankruptcy lawyer is this ambassador?
Why didn't you know he's Trump's bankruptcy lawyer...he learned his trade in America...which is where he should go back to!
10. I did not realize that you had an understanding.
Larry ,   Or Yedua   (06.11.19)
11. if Palestinians declare to be part of israel-End of zionist
ironbutterfly   (06.11.19)
12. he's just saying whats obvious
Richard Sherwin ,   herzliyah   (06.11.19)
no one's surprised at anything the ambassador said except that he actually said what's been obvious and diplomats have been dodging: there's no move on palestinian part to get create maintain their own state. their bosses thrive on talk and european and UN money and support as longas no one requires they behave like anything but warlords. so obviously sooner or later jewish settlements in area c will come under israeli law -- call the process whatever you want. and the warlords and their NGOers will complain.
13. Sensible analyze
Tarud ,   Norway   (06.11.19)
Good and sensible analyze of the situation by Ben-Dror Yemini, as always.
14. Time to declare/celebrate sovereignty in Judea/Samaria!
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.11.19)
Now is the time to declare and celebrate Israeli sovereignty throughout Judea and Samaria, and to retake ALL our lands we foolishly ceded to our mortal "Palestinian" foes. Virtually ALL of Israel's serious problems are DIRECT results of Israeli retreats and concessions to "Palestinians". ALL the Lebanon and Gaza wars, terror, rockets we suffer are 100% products of mad Israeli retreats.

A REAL census of "Palestinians" in Judea, Samaria and Gaza would quickly destroy the "Palestinian"/leftist demographic bomb hoax. Jews are a growing majority in our land. There is neither space nor economic infrastructure to support the phantom "millions of Palestinians", our foes claim squat on our land. A REAL census would enable us to plan for and fund massive "Palestinian" departure from our land.

God bless Donald Trump and his administration!
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