Opinion  Shimon Shiffer
Netanyahu's little helper
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 11.06.19, 13:07
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1. this "opinion" is really an opinion
Liam   (06.11.19)
There is no coherent point or fact here other than pure hatred of Netanyahu.

Come on! If you really care about democracy, stop trying to get rid of it via hate.

The author must admit that he is not a partial journalist - rather a demogogue with hate in his heart who wants to use totalitarian means to get rid of deocracy & have ony his opinions legitamite.
2. Imbecile Shiffer has never had anything profound to author
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.11.19)
3. Opinion ...champinion !
deavman ,   TA   (06.11.19)
The phrase " The current U.S. administration is not even attempting to present itself as an honest broker in Mideast talks." was all I needed to identify the utter nonsense that drives this Shiffer guy to write such drivel.
4. Liberal articles.
Steven Allsopp   (06.11.19)
These left-wing pieces really make me sick to my stomach.
5. Shimon Shiffer, had you been innocent this is ...
leo ,   usa   (06.11.19)
... exactly the way you would've behaved.
6. You can't make a decent Israeli out of Shiffer either! NYT
voicing an opinion on Trump, is like Goebbels objectively describing Jews....
Get the hell outahere, Shimon!!!!
7. Journalism with integrity would admit Abbas is a terrorist.
Plo is evil.
Israel has the primary legal claim.
Palestinians have not moral leg to stand on.
Palestinians oppress their own people more than Israel could.
Trump acknowledges reality unlike most diplomats. Look at the UN MOST CORRUPT AND EVIL ORG IN HISTORY.

Maybe wonder why Europe is going Nazi on the Jews and trump is a glimmer of hope.

When those who attack trump also attack all opposition but support Iran, Hezbollah, Venezuela, Cuba, China, Qatar Wonder who is one the side of good?
8. Innocent until proven guilty, with no law u could b next
9. You think Shiffer would know when to retire ...
OldFoolsNeverDie ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.11.19)
10. Anexation along with constitution
Bill ,   Skokie   (06.12.19)
Israel should solve the conflict through anexation.
There is enough brilliant people in Israel to put a
Plan together that makes sure
Everyone’s aspirations are fulfilled.
Israeli anexation of the territories
Should be presented along with
a constitution to govern everyone.
Including it’s new citizens that current live
In the territories. This is the in my opinion
The only way forward to a just and lasting peace.
Israel long ago left Gaza, and should recognize
Gaza as a state. Doing so Israel would be free to offer assistance to the Gaza
State if the Gaza rulers decide to really govern for the benefit of their citizens.
Israel could divide the land into twelve states. Each state having two senators,
And representives based on the volume of each states population. This would be familar to the United States government.
11. 6 billion shekels wasted by Bibi so far and
Shachar ,   Eilat   (06.13.19)
all he has to show for it is a 6 month delay in his indictment. As the noose tightens billions more of tax-payers money will be wasted in a vain attempt to avoid the law. Time to get rid of the ratbag and his scumbag family....
12. Netanyahu added trillions of shekels to Israel's economy
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (06.15.19)
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