Liberman: Ultra-Orthodox MKs just ‘say amen and wait for the checks’
Attila Somfalvi, Alexandra Lukash
Published: 11.06.19, 14:38
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1. unleash idf and modernize the haredi
james   (06.11.19)
its way past due for the idf to take the damn gloves off. led by military weaklings olmert and livni, and now netanyahu who lacks spine, the idf has been hamstrung. even its generals as gen golan pointed out are afraid of casualites-referring to ashkenazi, gantz and eisencott. take the damn gloves off. and vote for bennett for the next pm.

as for the haredi andother religious, take your religious clothes off when you leave shul. and mandatory self defense training is essential. get with it and stop with the bs.the haredi portray weak defenseless jews. that time is over.
Everyone , including the religious but not exclusively them, says " AMEN" when they receive their cheques. In this respect ,the Religious folk are no different from others. Or ,in other words, everybody says " Amen ' when they get their cheques .
3. "an agreement reported by the media but denied by Likud"
Jake   (06.11.19)
Precisely where is the evidence for this agreement, outside unconfirmed media reports?
Liberman knocks the Haredim for "waiting for the checks" but is himself single handedly responsible for the collapse of 2 right wing governments and the country going to early elections, costing the country vast amounts of money.
4. Bravo Lieberman for speaking the truth !!
Rafi ,   US   (06.11.19)
5. Mr
TOR ERIK TOBIASSEN ,   Oslo   (06.11.19)
Give the man a break, his brother died in Entebbe.
6. miki zohar is a tuches
roy   (06.11.19)
zohar, a bibi ass-kisser says the voters will determine his fate. That aside even if bibi wins against hapless gantz, he is not above the law. he will be indicted and if found guilty legally, then he has to be removed from office, never mid the voters.r

the only reason why bibi has remained in office has been the quality of the opposition-peres- a disconnected dreamer and pacifist, olmert and livni-secuerity ignoramuses and inability to negotiate in real world terms and ehud barak, a total loser as pm.

bennett is easily a better security figure than bibi by far but gets outmaneuvered by bibi who is politically astute.

but when it comes to security, bibi sucks!

7. Liberman is goish scum
Phoenix   (06.11.19)
Liberman is a Russian non jew pretending to be Jewish rightist but he cares only about the interest of the Russian non Jews living in Israel.
8. Stay in the US!
Phoenix   (06.11.19)
Mess your own country's business and stay out of ours American
9. MR
Eliyahu Kitov ,   Safed   (06.11.19)
Excuse me, he seems to have forgotten all his m.k.'s who ended up in jail over cheque's-right
10. In USA Hasidim receive checks - Welfare and Food Stamps.
ShaNaNa, Get a Job ,   NYC   (06.12.19)
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