Egypt, Jordan, Morocco to attend U.S.-led Palestinian conference
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Published: 11.06.19, 19:11
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1. President Trump has a way of making countries see reason.
Alan ,   SA   (06.11.19)
Very good to see Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco also prepared to come to the party. All these countries are fed up with dancing to Abbas and Sinwar's tunes. They have their own pressing needs, both demographically and militarily. Everyone knows Pals will NEVER make peace unless they can completely take over Israel from River to Sea and fill that space with 4 to 6 million refugees
2. Failed PA authority
Boaz   (06.11.19)
Erekat said: “If I’m not going, do you know what’s best for me better than I do?”
Yes Mr Erekat. For over 70 years you don't know what best for your people. You have a set mind to take over Israel, but this is not going to happen except in your dreams. Dreams can't feed your people and you are failing them
3. After so many years, finally...
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (06.12.19)
the Arab world has woken from it's deep spell, that all this while Israel has been trying to propagate that terrorism activities promoted, will forever lead to a backward society of under development both for mental and civil progression. Terrorism is itself a degenerative and social disorder to the world community that must be stopped by progressive thinking. This stone age mentality of terrorism might start the ending phase at the Bahrain summit.
4. Only reason Pals+EU want side by side peace is so Pals can
Alan ,   SA   (06.12.19)
mortar bomb and use short-range rockets from suburbs of Jerusalem. and Judea and Samaria JUST LIKE THEY DO FROM GAZA. Make no mistake -BOTH want to implode Jewish Israel within a couple of decades..The participating Arab states cant see how this plan will advance their very own needs. .(The Muslim vote in EU countries is very important to the Western EU states -look at the Peterborough By-Election in the UK only last week. )
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