Sara Netanyahu signs plea deal in misuse of funds case, admits lesser charges
Yael Friedson and i24NEWS
Published: 12.06.19, 09:52
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1. Equality before the law and corrupt ..................
Philip ,   northern Israel   (06.12.19)
Wake up Israel, would a regular man/ woman get such a break. I dont thinks so.................. ie fails the Buzlago test by a country mile. The future does not look very bright at the moment.
2. 84% discount! Why??? Shame on the court!
doda ,   Givatayim   (06.12.19)
3. Send donations
Pathetic   (06.12.19)
American Friends of Likud
Netanyahu Family Legal Defense Fund
Tax deductible irs registered charity
4. disgusting disgusting disgusting
Gingit ,   Tel Aviv   (06.12.19)
SHAME SHAME on the court system - as corrupt as Bibi and Sara.
Give me an 84% discount on my mortgage. She should definitely be
charged - accurately so - with fraud - and be required to pay TWICE
the amount she defrauded the country and all of us.
DISGUSTING!! What has happene to our moral standards?
5. Can I get the same discount on my Israeli taxes?
6. convicted criminals r not allowed 2 keep diplomatic passport
Will Mrs. Netanyahu be asked to return her Israeli diplomatic passport to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs?
7. Confiscate her passport until she pays up!
8. The plea bargain must also....
The Archives ,   Kuala Lumpur   (06.12.19)
contain a clause that she should also cooperate with providing information regarding Netanyahu's affairs leading to corruption in the courts.
9. sara is not israel's wife
geroge   (06.12.19)
bibi obviously does not have the guts to tell his wife to keep out of the news. we don't want to hear about staff washing their hands or not. she also should not be part of government discussions. she is bibi's wife period. that is it. she should stay out of the news. the public is sick of her this or that.she is not my wife and if she was, i would tell her to stay out of the news
10. Let's pay her to never again see her face in the media.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.13.19)
I'll pay a lot to eliminate my everpresent disgust.
11. The 2 mist powerful words of 2019 will be,,,
Edna ,   New York, New York   (06.13.19)
'Fake Jews".
12. moral integrity
David ,   Alon Shavut   (06.13.19)
Rabin resigned when his wife was convicted and said "if you convict her you convict me" does Netanyahu have the same integrity. (I did not like Rabin's politics, but he did have a moral compass.)
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