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Government must act fast on growing budget chasm
Sever Plocker
Published: 13.06.19, 23:04
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1. the netanyahoo deficit
eat 300k plus of food and only pay 50k back, very expensive kaky
2. And they claim Lapid was the bad finance minister?
pgr   (06.14.19)
Not only did he fix the deficit left by Steinitz and Netanyahu, but had money left over for a socially beneficial budget. It was Lapid's standing up to Netanyahu's demands for money to be spent on his interests.

And yet Netanyahu has the gall to call Lapid ignorant about economics. It's laughable, yet tragic that irrational hatred blurs facts and ignores reality.

This year, once again Netanyahu raised the number of ministers to an unsustainable, and ridiculous level. Once more he will spend hundreds of millions on his disgustingly immoral "coalition fund" concept.

He is currently spending tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars sending his useless son around the world as a precursor to bringing that nasty little toad straight into the Likud's higher echelons at the next primary round. We need that flamethrowing nothingnik like we need Hizbollah.

And who will pay for all this folly? It is we, the public who will be forced to fit the bill.

But the biggest folly of all will be the mindless sheep who are so conveniently blinded to whatever their conniving, self-centred, morally corrupted hero does. They will continue to vote yet again for the Big Bluffer.
While it's fitting that they should pay - and keep on paying - to keep the prat in power, the problem is for the other half of the country, who will have to suffer the burden of this insanity.
The more you owe, the better off you are .
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