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Saudi seeks oil supply protection as U.S. and Iran face off
Published: 16.06.19, 08:59
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1. People should be grateful to Iran for removing limpet before
Alan ,   SA   (06.16.19)
it could explode..... Iran spotted the limpet in the dark of the night. At least they had the decency not to disturb the sleeping US personnel in the Gulf. Quietly they removed it .so disabling the explosives. Again Iran saves the day. (or should we say the night's restful atmosphere.)
2. on the very edge of the cliff the Persians are
Cameron   (06.16.19)
Their room to maneuver & pull stunts is used up.

3. Saudi need‘s protection from the Mossad & the CIA.
Rich ,   Toronto   (06.16.19)
4. Saudi is always begging for US help
C   (06.16.19)
yet saudi has caused much harm to us and its allies.

were it not for the threats against the kingdom from the shia terror
regime, saudi would still engage in hostle acts against us and
its allies..
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (06.17.19)
Countries who can’t really manage themselves and have managed to take a religion and turn it into a killing cult and use it in order to extort and make millions from others. Oil was the worst thing that happened to M.E. All these two want is to get others involved so oil prices go up.
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