Jerusalem express line hit by more delays, breakdowns
Roi Rubenstein
Published: 16.06.19, 14:32
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1. The days of relying on our train service are over
Lindsay ,   North   (06.16.19)
What has happened to our train service? Mr. Katz you have turned Israel into a third world country as far as the train service is concerned. What was once a reliable way of getting to and from work and to the airport has turned into a nightmare experience for most travelers. Not only are the trains to and from the north packed with people standing all over each other like in a cattle truck, but the trains are late, and announcements made at the last minute that the train will not reach it's final stop - it's an absolute disgrace. On Thursday I happened to be on the train which suddenly stopped at Hadera and when the replacement train finally arrived, it was like a mass stamped for people to get on to the train - a tragedy in the making. I for one will no longer bank on getting to the airport or anywhere else on time using the Israeli train service - what a shame!!!
2. zionist utopia at its best. get russia to fix the problems.
M BARR ,   miami   (06.16.19)
israelis are clueless when it comes to rail travel.maint.
3. This train & Likud r going no where, slowly, at gr8 expense!
4. The failure to provide sustainable must be a sign that t
zelda harris ,   Tel Aviv   (06.17.19)
And now what is Katz going to do with the foreign ministry......?

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