Jews are discriminated against in Jerusalem's Old City
Gilad Sharon
Published: 16.06.19, 23:44
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1. Anti-semetism,hypocrisy and racism is nothing
Naor ,   Jerusalem   (06.17.19)
New in the church.It is understandable that because the congregations of Greek Orthodox and roman catholic church's are Arab Christians the church leans towards Arabic interests what is amazing is that instead of protecting Arab christian interests these church's have come down on the side of Muslim interests.Why?Fear for their communities in the west bank.The percentage of Christians in towns such as Bethlem have dropped- Christians fleeing and Christians in Nazareth for example moving to Jewish Nazareth Illit.Like the Arab political parties who neglect their constituents and further the Palestinian cause so the church,fearful for Arab reprisals bites the Jewish hand that feeds it.Perhaps church leaders might like to look back on the state their church's were in before 1967- what their life was like during Jordanian and Ottoman rule.
The Greek Orthodox church is one of the major land owners in Jerusalem and indeed has vast properties in west Jerusalem.Perhaps if they are unable to play fair in east Jerusalem we should consider how we deal with them in the west.
2. expropriate the greek orthodox bigots.
3. Gilad is telling the truth...unfortunately he is right
Mordechai ,   San Francisco, USA   (06.17.19)
I am purposely putting my comment here bc otherwise I have to name myself above and I will not do that for business reasons and the trolls who will defame me for my response. Gilad is correct. The reason this happens is purely because most of these Christians are allied closely with Arabs, plain and simple. Otherwise there would be no problem. I hate writing these things, but it is true. Very sad. The PLO have cultivated a relationship with these two groups. Many Arabs are members of their churches
4. stop it
paul malykont ,   los osos, california   (06.17.19)
How can this be legal? Break their pocketbooks.
5. Israelis need to remind people why they are love.
Ken   (06.17.19)
6. Easy Solution
Just give the Rabbinate an equal portion of land in Cyprus/Greece, as the Greek church has in Jerusalem.

7. Jews only aim to eradicate Christian & Muslim presence in Je
George Ghattas ,   East Jerusalem   (06.17.19)
8. Christians have always hated Jews with a passion
C   (06.17.19)
christians will never forgive the jews that they have refused to
convert or to accept the resurrection of jesus.

christians will always be envious of jews for being the original
monotheistic religion, the tree from which the christians branched out.

according to this belief judaism is the superior religion.
9. Miki Elior FB
Blah blah blah is all you're good for.

You're a 10 time Olympic gold medalist at mental gymnastics, it's really quite impressive. Careful though, there's no shortage of contenders, and you must always keep in shape, lest the next anti-Semite outdoes you. There's an enormous training program called the UN, they'll put out stiff competition for you.

We're nominating you for the life time hypocrite achievement award, for long and dedicated hypocritical posts on Ynet.

It's a Jewish country, but strangely we're still manipulated by many players (Germanic-English, Catholics, Muslims, Greeks, etc...). Take good stalk of Christian countries. Compare population divisions, compare asset holdings, compare land holdings, then look me in the eye and complain to me when Jews slowly take back what was wrongfully stolen from them. I know you still will, but at least the truth will be more apparent to honest people. No more of you muddling issues, and playing games/polemics. Your problem is you can't talk straight. You deflect, distract, but refuse to acknowledge the fundamental and basic truth, Israel/Jerusalem was made holy through Judaism well before any other entity on this planet ever made a stake. The ones who came after should be content with their lot, and stop being jealous homicidal thieves, always pining over what the Jews have, and will have. Israel and all of Jerusalem being Jewish, in character, and in actual possession, does not threaten Christianity or Islam. Strange then we're always being threatened incessantly. Christianity will do just fine without Jerusalem. Islam will do just fine without Jerusalem. Judaism will never be better with Jerusalem. You see, our difference is very simple but very fundamental, we don't need everyone being Jews, 'accepting' our message to live well in this world. For some macabre reason, you scum can only live if you're persecuting someone else and forcing them to your ways. It's called imperialistic insanity, and strangely enough, religion which should enlighten and enrich, has the opposite effect on those who have imperialistic clauses in theirs. Work on that Miki, and very rigorously, before you come clapping at us.

Jerusalem is a travesty beyond measure. It belongs to Israel, the country, and Jews the only genuine people of the country. Others are welcome in the country as others are welcome in other countries, but enough of this crap of allowing others to define Israel as something unique and holy for them and their religion. Get lost with that crap already. If this crap is still in question, seriously, time to cut Mecca and Medina up. Time to cut up the Vatican city. Time to cut up the Greek holdings in Greece. You want to talk to measure and fairness, stop pointing incessantly at Jews and Israel, while never mentioning your own obscenely stinking hypocrisy, you atrociously dishonest hypocrite.

10. They know what we don’t control of Old City all important
ItsNational&Theolgcl ,   Jerusalem   (06.18.19)
Who controls the old city and its immediate enviorns controls the entire land and it’s historic and national narrative imagine if Jews owned vast historic stretches of historic and national sites of the Greek and Armenians in those national homelands what’outcries there withdrew be ...add France that controls the Tomb of the Kings in Jerusalem if we don’t assert our national pride by redeeming these areas no one will abd as it is said “ there will be tears fir generations “The Greek Orthodox and Armenian Orthodox liturgy is filled with blatant anti Semitism they teach we have been “ replaced” theologicaly to remind them they are wrong ...just yesterday I saw an Armenian from the old city collecting his huge rents from
Armenian properties in Western Jerusalem of Jewish store renters
11. Incorrect claims by Miki Elior
Tomi Weiss ,   Belgrade   (06.18.19)
Arabs do live in Jerusalem Jewish quarter, 25 families,about 200 people. They came from outside in 1948 when the Jews where ethnically cleansed. Begin legalized their takeover.
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