Israel moves to name Golan settlement after Trump
Associated Press, Ynet
Published: 16.06.19, 19:34
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1. Trump B.S
max broad   (06.16.19)
NO SHAME AT ALL....Israel is selling its soul.
2. Americans move away from the Trump buildings...
doda ,   tel aviv   (06.16.19)
and Israelis will move to a Trump settlement???
Maybe it can be bibis new home, honoring his best friend and idol.
3. O.M.G.
Tc   (06.16.19)
What a shame and disgrace. Hopefully it will be possible to roll back and undo this.
FO ,   Belgium   (06.16.19)
It is true that President Trump reminded in fact world opinion that the Golan Heights are by Law Israeli real estate! And why is it so? Because in 1922, the League of Nations incorporated the Golan Heights in the territory of the Mandate for Palestine, the territory to become an independent Jewish State! The Mandate became International Law valid to this day, can't be rescinded, and is reaffirmed by Article 80 of the United Nations' Charter! So another future new city in the Golan, could perhaps be named as the "League of Nations City"!
5. Trump Heights, baby!
Cameron   (06.16.19)
A worthy & deserved honor this.

Too cool.

6. Settlement named for Trump
Chuck ,   SF, USA   (06.16.19)
One more sign of Netanyahu's venality and another nail in the coffin of support of American Jews for Israel.
7. Thanks a lot Bibi! (jokingly)
Shlomo ,   USA   (06.16.19)
You have now ruined Israel for this long time supporter and donor. After many years working with Israelis in Israel and the US including groups from the IDF, I will no longer send money, voice my support, or visit until this atrocity is demolished. I hope other Diaspora Jews feel the same. Trump is an abomination as a human being and only someone as corrupt as him would cozy up to Mafia Don.
8. the joke is on the lame duck PM Nertanyahu...
according to Israeli law, the Lame Duck Prime Minister Netanyahu:
1. lacks the authority to establish new settlements.
2. lacks the authority to finance new settlements.
Basically this is an all done with mirrors show to snuggle up to the cojones of POTUS 45
9. OMFG - incredible so embarassing!
Givatim   (06.16.19)
10. Ezekiel 38:19
Edna ,   New York, New York   (06.17.19)
Gog and Magog on the move. This indeed is going to be interesting and if plays out as prophesied, we are all in for one helluva epilogue.
11. trumpites
u cant make this shitup.
12. To Shlomo (not your real name)
Steven ,   Rockvolle MD USA   (06.17.19)
Please write up which U.S. President (including Obama) made more for Israel than Trump, than you will understand even if you have only a few working brain cells as your talkback indicates why Trump deserves the distinction.
13. Trump is an enormous blessing for America and Israel
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.17.19)
Had Trump not won the last presidential election, America would be in the throes of total submission to the vile U.N. globalist agenda. America would be hostile to Israel and cozying up to Iran and all the forces of evil. Trump is an enormous blessing for Israel and America.

Every sane Jew owes an apology to Trump, and our many Republican and conservative friends, for the sick conduct of deranged liberal Jews, who stab our friends in the back, while bootlicking our foes.
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