Netanyahu: World must step up Iran sanctions if uranium threat realized
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Published: 17.06.19, 14:37
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1. Ridiculous
DSM ,   USA   (06.17.19)
Once Iran gets the bomb it will be way too late. Europe doesn't want sanctions on Iran since they want Iran's oil. It is the U.S. or nothing and Trump will not war with Iran in an election year.
2. Iran has been getting Uranium from Argentina via Canada....
since 1991.
There is a Canadian company that has been doing the strip mining work for the Argentinian government since the 1990s.
But in his infinite America-centeric wisdom Prime Minister Netanyahu has missed this.
3. What the problem Bibi?
Blabla   (06.17.19)
Thats exactly the situation that you tried so desperately to create. It wasnt Iran that broke the JCPA, it was the USA. Should we sanction the US now too?
4. bla bla bla
ray   (06.17.19)
the world is not going to do anything just as in the past. instead of making plans to hit Iran on its home turf, this pm blows his mouth off time and again. this while tolerating fires set by Hamas.

the idf in my judgement should have thrown bibi out of the commando. he acts paralyzed like Neville chamberlain. this is know for years. the only reason he is pm is because olmert , herzog and gantz were even weaker than bibi.

vote for Bennett.
5. iran will get the bomb whether bibi or gantz
harry   (06.17.19)
both bibi and gantz are not up to taking huge action to deny Iran the bomb. bibi is weak militarily in my judgement, and is incapable of launching a massive operation.

nothing that has been written about ganz inspires any confidence in his offensive abilities. on the contrary, he was a flop in the Gaza war.

Israelis, do yourself a favor-vote for Bennett massively.
6. And he should start by stepping on Hamas
Avi L   (06.17.19)
7. "The world does not need a world war just now.",
claims the self proclaimed political ANAList Porky Sherry. What he means is that the U.S. doesn't need another military embarrasment such as Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, etc.

8. delay khan al amar razing
james   (06.18.19)
of course bibi is once again delaying razing this illegal entity. long overdue, he endlessly delays because of European and now supposedly US pressure. i had to do it because trump told me so. never mind Israeli interests.

he said similar things when he permitted john kerry peace talks to go on because he had to do it to satisfy obama even though they had no chance of succeeding.

i had to do it. this is what he says. what about his own conviction and backbone-he can't back up anything.

so what does this mean. the idf in israel is to blame for this. you get recruits, screen them out. training has to toughen not only their bodies but their minds. if they cannot adjust, confine them to desk duties or let them go.

so if Israel has to undertake a preemptive big war, there is no chance bibi would launch it, no chance whatsoever.

and to prove the point for cynics, when he cut a deal with hamas where he is expanding fishing zone, permitting cash, and expanding water and other resources,did he deliver an ultimatum that any balloon or rocket terror will see the dismantling of the regime. of course he did almost nothing, nothing.

vote for Bennett and quit wasting time on bibi or gantz.
9. idf training
irv   (06.18.19)
if a war is to come with the hezbollah/iran, idf must launch thousands of cheap land rockets loaded with shrapnel to equalize the terror equation. at the same time it can unleash its massive air, naval and artillery thunderbolt along with an invasion if necessary. it must use soviet land rocket strategy as the lebanese have to run like hell just as Israelis do.

this has to be said to the idf because likud and netanyahu will not advise the idf on this. they both don't know their rear ends from their elbows on war strategy. otherwise, you will lhave a repeat of 2006 war,, this time nasrollah firing 5000 rockets a day for the first 10 days along with an invasion force of 20,000 to take over a town in the Galilee. this will happen if the idf does not change strategy. an d netanyahu will panic in this situation and make concessioins to nasrollah.

equalize the terror equation with cheap land rockets. lieberman pointed the idf to this end but the idf is resisting it.

vote for bennett
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