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Israeli cities driven by electric scooter safety
Udi Etsion
Published: 19.06.19, 23:29
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1. Remember how Giuliani cleaned up NY? Not by legislation!!!!!
2. how about disabled scooters.
I drive a disabled scooter often on the road, because the sidewalks are in abominable ste in Kfar Saba, but I drive very defensively wiith all lights front and back turned on and winkers. Still the new dutch law that electric vehicles must have zoomers to announce their presence I find a good idea.
3. When in Israel, I am more afraid of e-bikes
than terrorists. Seriously. Those guys (mostly) drive often so recklessly, especially in Jerusalem. You do not hear them coming, you maximally hear them screaming and shouting at you to "get the f-ck off" when they are right behind your back. Some of them completely ignore the slippery sloped surface of the Jaffa pedestrian area and drive 40 km/h. Israel sees a great development of biking, but it needs a proper biking culture, behaviour and traffic rules enforced.
4. GOOD!!! Helmets, Driving Lic.,Park in designated spots ONLY!
ironbutterfly   (06.22.19)
5. What about dirty disgusting DIESEL buses polluting Tel Aviv?
TheWall   (06.26.19)
Instead of dealing with these little non-sense scooters, why nobody is dealing to get rid of dirty diesel buses polluting Israeli cities ???
Tel Aviv is extremely polluted by these disgusting buses.
In most of Europe, these buses are being replaced by Electric.
In Toronto for example, already 10 years ago, most buses were HYBRID. Today ALL buses are ELECTRIC and hybrid.
NO denying, Israel is definitely a Third World country, regardless of how much hi-tech is developed.
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