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Trump rehashes gripes, rips ‘radical’ Dems in 2020 launch
Associated Press
Published: 19.06.19, 08:30
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1. 2020 is his
Cameron   (06.19.19)
No real rivals or challengers to his hold on the Oval Office are to be found.

2. POTUS 45 = 1 trick pony = he's old, next!
3. Are liberal Jews total idiots? Are they brainwashed; both?
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.19.19)
Don't believe the polls. They are politically motivated pro Democrat rubbish. Trump's rallies continually draw overflow crowds of tens of thousands of people. His strongest Democrat challenger, Joe Biden, is lucky to get a few dozen!

Trump is one of the greatest U.S. Presidents ever for for America, Israel and the world. I am truly embarrassed by liberal Jews who stab Trump in the back while boot licking hostile Democrats. Are liberal Jews total idiots? Are they completely brainwashed by Democrats, or both?
4. The God Emperor has it locked in
Cameron   (06.19.19)
Tell me, out of that sorry Dem array thus far presented for 2020, do any strike you as a credible competitor or alternative for a sitting incumbent President this time & again successful over a country that has attained this degree of strength & prosperity while under his watch?

5. There will NEVER be an accurate POLL as voters are terrified
Alan ,   SA   (06.22.19)
to tell ANYONE (let alone pollsters) that they are voting for Trump..So the margin of error is around 60%
6. My N Y C friend lost 30lbs on the Trump Diet
Alan ,   SA   (06.22.19)
He told his NYC friends he was going to vote for Trump so they stopped inviting him for dinners
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