IDF holds largest drill in years to prepare for future Hezbollah war
Associated Press
Published: 19.06.19, 15:56
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1. Hezbullah does not have nor ever had a single missile....
NYC   (06.19.19)
much less 100K missiles. The entire world combined has but a fraction of that.
2. BiBi can't even stop the terrorist groups in the south
3. So much attention to the North+so little to the South
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.19.19)
Are the lives of people in the North worth more than the people in the South?
4. modern technology has its limits
manny   (06.19.19)
idf and the leadership are making a mistake thinking that modern arms display will overwhelm nasrollah. they will not. he is dug in, his missiles loaded with shrapnel can be fired from bunkers, civilian homes. and he has death trap ieds and kornets set up in case idf undertakes direct assaults. he also has forward army batttalions and brigades.he can send 20000 troops across the border to take the galilee. and the idf will lose as bibi would not be able to hold on as he would crack under pressure.

the way to counter this is to fire thousands of cheap land rockets loaded with shrapnel to terrorize the civilian elements of the enemy. then one can unleash the full power of idf asymmetrics by knocking out the power grid and communications, fuel etc etc.

the partial answer to anti-israel and anti-jewish hatred is for the jew to be bloody well feared. idf was wrong to punish idf excesses as this is viewed as weakness by the enemy.

the haredi have to go into the army or self defense programs.and they shouldn't wear religious clothes other than shul period. rabbis who say otherwise are complicit in getting those Jews injured or killed.

we live in a rough and tumble world.the judean, a better term for Jews should be feared. no one messes with hyenas. jews shoujld be like hyenas unless they wish to be bullied and then gasses. it happened many times before, it can happen again if you stick to your blind moralistic holier than thou ethos. you want to survive, you have to be tough and feared.

most of the israelis leadership are weaklings who cannot take casualites. bibi is one of the weakest. and gantz is no great general if you read the shapira report and really look what he has done. he is no ariel sharon that is for sure.

no one fears netanyahu or gantz. no one.

vote for bennett.
5. It's Ground Hog Day
DSM ,   USA   (06.19.19)
More talk and window dressing from Bibi before an election. Bibi, the IDF, Hamas and Hezbollah are like the movie Ground Hog Day. The same thing over and over. Terrorist start something, Israel responds weakly, terrorist ask to talk, Bibi agrees and it starts all over again and again and again.
6. where is the IDF of the 1960's fought with old weapons & won
oleg ,   florida   (06.19.19)
having 14 f-35's and expensive subs won't do nothing to stop the terror from the south. IDF today is only good for photo ups and parades. you always hear "we are the best in the world" no you are not. Israei infantry is not too good not disciplined like american forces are. some soldiers do not look physically fit. Golani and air borne are little better and some special forces units are ok but you have very few soldiers there.
7. Take down Hamas for a live trial
Avi L.   (06.19.19)
Once done, khomeinists will take Israel more seriously
8. shaking off the rust while led by patient leaders
charles   (06.19.19)
the idf is a good army when it shakes off the initial rust and field commanders figure out a strategy. this while leaders give it time.

recall peres stopped the idf after some arab casualties in kfar khana.

olmert dribbled in too few idf soldiers into the Lebanon in a half hearted manoeuver and did not give it time to sort things out. he was a total ignoramus in security.

similarly bibi sat with a one dimensional strategy in gaza before Bennett lit a fire under the idf to smash the tunnels. in everything bibi does, it is clear he is held back by casualties and his own fears of losing.shapira praised Bennett which the media tends to hide.

Bennett will insist on field commanders taking the lead in front while giving them time. simple power displays are next to useless and words like don't test us, have arabs rolling on the floor with laughter. bibi only encourages Arab aggression by his endless concessions and rationalizations.

bennett for pm!
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