Israelis need to talk about the religious-secular rift
Shlomo Puterkovsky
Published: 19.06.19, 23:44
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1. Prove there is a God and we'll discuss something, anything.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.20.19)
Religion does everything to usurp power, to have influence, to control people. But religion is an empty balloon; there is nothing inside of it. To start discussing anything with the religious in Israel there must occur a separation from the State. Why could the American writers of the constitution understand it 300 years ago and write the best document the world has ever seen while Israeli Orthodox leaders cannot?
2. conversion
y   (06.20.19)
The conversion is a backdoor for gaining Israeli citizenship and nothing more than that. It should be completely abandoned in its current meaning because one cannon become a Jew just as one cannot become an Arab or a Chinese of a German. An those that converted to Judaism with any procedure should become Judaism converts or Mosaic religion converts and not Jews eligible for the Law of the Return. Their conversion should be relevant only if they are already Israeli citizens and then their civil status changes can be handled by rabbinic authorities and not by the unexisting citizens' civil state secular office/courts
3. Aren't those ultra religious
Article trying to create a rift between jews. Most religious jews do serve in the army and would be considered the norm.
4. Religion = POISON. Poison needs to be contained and sealed.
TheWALL   (06.20.19)
5. There are mere physically dying humans that
this human   (06.20.19)
deem themselves God and there is the true and living God who is more than mere human. God has proven Himself from the beginning. I am going to continue to count on and give thanks to Him not humanity's magic wands and potions and mouthings of whatever persuasion.
6. Mavin
douglas klein ,   ft gaydale   (06.25.19)
no rift, get rid of the lazy wasteful datim and force their kids into the army to fight for their country. The datim are lazy at best. On welfare, have kids and they beg form government handouts. Time to stop the crap. Get religion out of the government and let the rabbis be rabbis and not dictators.
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