Hamas chief says ceasefire with Israel 'in the danger zone'
Associated Press, Ynet
Published: 20.06.19, 13:39
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1. Just look at Haniyeh's photo.....
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.20.19)
He's standing, smiling, in front of building wreckage that HE was responsible for!

What 'respect' does israel need to show to a terrorist? He is responsible for the deaths of the Israelis. His head should have a big bullseye on it.

His behavior only serves to prove what criminal he truly is. Gaza gets bombed, buildings destroyed, people killed, and Haniyeh smiles. He's our very own Nero. Time for his removal- and all of Hamas.
2. Money probably used for arms. Hamas begging for more.
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.20.19)
3. Hamas uses donated moneys for terror
C   (06.20.19)
hamas does not use donated moneys for the welfare of gaza's population.
4. bennett would handle war differently than bibi and ganz
hy   (06.20.19)
Bennett would have an open mind about a decisive war with hamas. on the other hand, bibi and gantz as they did in protective edge were reluctant, one dimensional, did not deal with tunnels head on when forced to do so, and bibi sued for a ceasefire even before haniyeh did. so why is this?

bibi is mainly concerned about quiet, limited casualties and is beset by his own fears . he acts like is about to drown.

gantz was passive in discussions about Iran hit, and in protective edge his performance was heavily criticized by shapira. in truth, he was no great leader even though he may look the part. don't be fooled. we have his record. he would not do any more than bibi and has even hinted at land concessions to make matters worse.

Bennett has an in interest in war dynamics, how to find the weak spots and find the right strategy; how to lead the troops from the front and is able to change the strategy if things are not working.contrast that with bibi who sat before a computer screen for 40 days without changing much. he seems to have no instinct or curiosity about war. his strength is in giving speeches not fighting.Half of the likud are like him, weak when it comes to war.

bibi has no curiosity on how to attack hamas or hezbollah, in other words how would we do it? He only wants quiet and will make concessions to achieve quiet while hamas ups its demands.

so israelis-you have an election coming-don't be dumb. vote for someone who can lead israel to victory like sharon in 73 and in defensive shield.

vote for bennett and not bibi or gantz.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (06.21.19)
In front of some ruined place that God knows how and then trying to beg for money and extort with resort to violence if he is not paid. Aren’t mullahs in Iran doing the same thing? Either buy my oil or I will make a nukes and threaten you daily. PALIS will not make much of anything even if the entire Israel, Egypt or Jordan was given to them. Just look at Egypt. Israel is not there, but they still can’t figure out how to run their country with success. Lots of land and plenty of natural resources’ opportunities, but they can’t see them. Gaza has amazing chance to be a heaven in M.E if it joins Egypt and moves on with progress, but that vision is also not there and is dead because of the mullahs and the jihad biz.
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