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In rebuff to Trump, Palestinian businesses call for freedom, not cash
Published: 20.06.19, 23:24
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1. There is no occupation
Boaz   (06.21.19)
Judea and Samaria are armistice lines with Jordan and never been a recognised border with Israel. Jordan annexation of Judea and Samaria was opposed by the majority of the international community, including arab states. Jordan waived its right to those territories, therefore there is no occupation. Judea and Samaria are Jewish territories. Palestinians belong to Jordan and are citizens of Jordan. Time to expose your false narrative.
2. The Palis are such pathetic crybabies.
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.21.19)
"We can't have this" or "we can't do that" or "we don't have the resources." DUH! If you morons didn't go around stabbing, shooting, raping, and murdering random Israelis, you WOULD have everything you are saying you don't have.

But you're too stupid to figure that out.

You think you deserve a state of your own? You have shown the world for 50 years that you are incapable of managing a few dozen cities, a state would whither on the vine, and then who would you blame??

When Abbas can deliver one year of total peace, then we can talk of a new state. Until that time, not a chance.
3. Same Pal BS taking the West+liberal Jews for idiots.
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.21.19)
The "occupation" to Palestinians means BOTH Israel proper and the West Bank. Hamas just told us that they must have both East and West Jerusalem. Palestinian pronouncements and fake news are one and the same.
4. Do not reward
joey   (06.21.19)
Do not reward the arab occupiers of Judea and Samaria. Annex all the land now!
5. Ending the 'occupation'.
tiki ,   belgium   (06.21.19)
Something that wasn't your's can't be occupied.

Problem with all these 'palestinians' is that they believe all the lies they have been fed.

Their 'palestine' comes from the same place as the Grimm fairy tales.

Time to cut the cord and teach them some realities & facts and stop them clinging to fantasies!
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (06.21.19)
Really can’t manage governing on their own. Too many tribes, mafia types and fractions that want to rule over one another. The best is to let the short Jordan King to rule over them. However, they can’t seen to like that idea either. This is the reality that the PALIS fear to really discuss, but Israel knows it well and can’t risk its own security over it.
7. m
moishe   (06.21.19)
who would want to invest in a corrupt state, anyway? nooobody.
8. The day a 2 State Solution is implemented,Pals will start
Alan ,   SA   (06.21.19)
tunneling and Rocketing . Israel won't be allowed by West and East to respond in any slightest way. .(Remember when Sharon was withdrawing from Gaza , he was claiming that if Pals at any time instituted warfare the world would allow Israel to respond. Remember? Now hundreds of thousand rockets later Israel would never dare TRY to reconquer Gaza) Already Iran offers Pals every weapon they have in Iran Armouries to fight Israel.
9. Israel needs to stop pampering "Palestinians" first
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.21.19)
This article is absurd. But the bottom line is that Israel needs to stop pampering hoax "Palestinians" before we can ask anyone else to. The insane flow of Israeli food, money, electricity, work permits, protection, materials etc. is all that keeps the evil fiction of "Palestine" alive. If you love Israel, DEMAND the immediate permanent end to all mad Israeli support for "Palestine"!
10. Ynet why r u posting such ignorant anti Israel articles???
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