Trump's Mideast plan envisions $50 billion investment in Palestinian economy
Published: 22.06.19, 18:52
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1. money money money
eli ,   tel aviv   (06.22.19)
Money has never solved any political "problem", it only inflames it.
2. A Potential Economic Threat to Israel
yossi ,   Gush   (06.22.19)
Should the plan succeed, two tiny countries will be competing against each other in exports. Palestine will have an advantage in that its labor costs in production will be substantially lower than that of Israel.
3. They'll spend it on weapons, as usual.
barbara ,   Haifa   (06.22.19)
4. It is not entirely clear to me...
NKShlomzion   (06.22.19)
It is not entirely clear to me why the world should shoulder responsibility for the hardship of the Arabs of Palestine. The international community has presented peace offers, peace proposals, peace gestures and opportunity since 1920, all of which, all, have been rejected by the leaders of the Arabs of Palestine. Isn't it time, after nearly a century, after a hundred years of attempting to resolve the hardship of the Arabs of Palestine, for the Arabs of Palestine to shoulder responsibility for their own deeds?

Perhaps, if their leadership ceased negating the very existence of the Jewish people as a people; accepted this people's historic, moral and legal right to national self-determination and independence in this people's homeland of 4,000 years; and, ceased calling for and acting towards the obliteration of the liberal democratic and sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, along with the millions of Jews in it, an accommodation of peaceful coexistence between Arab and Jew, between the Muslim-Arab world, local and regional alike, and the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, the State of Israel, can be achieved.

After all, isn't the goal the ushering of peace, security, dignity and prosperity for all, Arabs and Jews alike?
5. Someone must be a raving lunatic over there. You don't BUY
an ideology/"religion" for measly 50 billion, nor 500 billion.
You don't take away the dream of Jew-free Middle East from followers of that specific cult/religion/ideology!
How insanely removed from reality can you get?
Even if your name is Donald Trump?
I am saying this as a "Trumpist" (so far)...
I will wait for the final unveiling of that "deal" (an unfortunate, gimmicky moniker to begin with!)
THAT makes me fear, that these leaks may indeed be true.
Trump may just be the guy that bought into his own hype...
how sad would that be....?
6. 'Trump derangement syndrome" has suddenly taken on
a completely different meaning.
Namely: Donald may indeed be deranged beyond repair/healing, if he REALLY thinks life & its many twisted paths can be only regarded as various forms of "deals" (in that word's most basic meaning).
God help us if THAT is true....
Islam, or any other so called "faith" (just a smokescreen for various oppressive ideologies) cannot be bent by throwing around some petty cash (or genuine fortunes).
Where do these inane thoughts come from?
This is not Apprentice, bloody hell, wake up Mr. Trump!
Islam is the religion "to end all religions": you better believe that.
When Hitler revealed his ideology& plans, they didn't take him seriously either.
Bloody fools, the whole bunch!
7. This plan is tactical not strategic it will fail
8. "travel corridor that would cross Israel"
C   (06.22.19)
this is absolutely not acceptable.

such a "travel corridor" would cut sovereign israel in half.
no sovereign state would accept that its territory be traversed by foreign
hostile elements and thereby increase its national security problems
9. Amazing what the Arabs can get when they WHINE enough!
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.23.19)
On the other hand...
50 Billion is HALF of what USA gave to the Marshall Plan to rebuild all of EUROPE! ALL OF EUROPE.

In the last 70 years, when the Arabs started the Longest War by attacking the new state of Israel, the world has thrown at least that same amount of money at them.

What do the 'Palestinians' have to show for it?
Gleaming cities?
World class hospitals and universities?
Dozens of Nobel Prizes?
World-leading technology incubators?

No, No, No, and....No.
This is what they accomplished in that time with all that money:

Corruption that leads the entire planet.
Social services and infrastructure that resemble third world countries.
Leaders that enrich themselves, their families, and their friends, at the expense of the Arabs.
New ways to blow up people.
New ways to stab people.
New ways to rape and murder women.
New ways to use cars to commit murder.
The originators of blowing up planes.
New ways of making the Olympics more 'interesting.'

And that's just the 'moderate' Arabs of the PA.
Hamas leaders are just plain sociopaths.
We all saw Haniyeh smiling in front of the destroyed building last week. What a leader!
And both parties incite and brainwash their youth from kindergarten to hate Jews. Not Israelis- Jews.

Abbas and Haniyeh won't accept this as it removes them from power and access to money. Most Arabs won't accept it because they are brainwashed morons and will do as their leaders say.

And besides, Europe had been destroyed, the west bank and Gaza are fully functional. And we had General George Marshall, possibly the most honorable American soldier in the last 200 years as the head administrator, a genius at logistics and picking the right people to work for him.

That singular person DOES NOT EXIST today.

Stop paying jizya (look it up) to the Arabs. It's gone on long enough.

Abbas simply has to say, "Put down your knives. Go to work. Go to school. Smile," and peace would break out in a matter of days. Jews would start hiring Arabs. Jews would shop in Arab stores. Both sides, feeling safe, would eat, shop, and visit in Arab and Jewish towns.

That one little sentence would earn him the Nobel Peace Prize.
But he's not man enough to do what's right for the Arabs.

You don't need 50 billion dollars to solve this, you need people to simply say, "Today, I will be the best person I can be."

Peace can happen immediately, one person at a time.

10. Pals cry for mediation then become angry when get it.
Sam ,   Montreal   (06.23.19)
The only thing acceptable to Palestinians is that Israel hand over the country to them so it doesn't make a difference who is leading the talks or what the plan is. The West is wasting their time with them. Nothing it does is appreciated anyways.
11. Another plan...
rom ,   israel   (06.23.19)
doomed to failure.
12. above
moishe   (06.23.19)
Kushner the 'boy' does not understand Arab mentality. nor does Trump. just because you have money and power does not make you smart. and both have failed many times in business also. and now they are running the worlds largest 'corporation'. they have reached the highest level of incompetence possible on earth.
13. What about 600, 700 billion, a trillion
this human   (06.23.19)
What's it going to take?
14. Trump wants to build up Israels MORTAL ENEMIES and at the
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.23.19)
same time caves in to Irans mullahs...he is the SUPER Obama !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
15. US homeless wait, hurricane and fire survivors wait.
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.23.19)
Yada yada, schmata schmata, a willingness to throw away money.
Real estate manipulators engaging in empty talk.
16. The unprecedented degree of world's involvement in so called
"Palestinians" shows one thing only: it is precisely because it (indirectly) targets Jews, that the "world" so insanely focuses that much energy and fortune, in this Islamic invention.
I have a feeling that the "World" has a buyers remorse, in connection with creation of Jewish State.
Now it searches for ways to undo that impulsive deed.
No other "theory" explains this obsession.
17. "It could seal Palestinians in and Israelis out"
Hermetically sealing the "palestinians" 1000 meters underground, preferably forever, now that's a brilliant idea!
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