Netanyahu meets with Bolton, says Iran running campaign of aggression
Published: 23.06.19, 11:10
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1. John Bolton is a criminal warmonger who is not for peace.
Rich ,   Toronto   (06.23.19)
He has not talked with the Iranians to even explain what the US wants. Just sent warships out to Iran to provoke a conflict, and hopefully be able to steal the Iranian oil.
2. Bolton is a brave man, but his sorry boss is a sissy.
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.23.19)
3. bibi should shut up about iran
jason   (06.23.19)
all bibi does is yell about iran like he is drowning in the water. shut up already.

israel should do what it has to do. even trade when it can with iran. the persians are friends of israelis, though not the government. even the ayatollahs know that israel can be trusted more than the west.
bibi is as weak as olmert was when it comes to security.

even ehud barak came out with don't test us, dont escalate, hit near empty buildings.he was weak on the marmora raid.

barak will not make into the knesset.

and israelis should vote massively for bennett instead of this weakling bibi.

why is it nasrollah and sinwar are much braver and stronger than israeli leaders? Toughen up the damn training.
4. sharon and shamir
ed   (06.23.19)
sharon and shamir spoke with quiet confidence knowing that Israel could take down the enemy even if it goes down. and that is important for everyone to no. so if Israel cannot live in the middle east none of its adversaries will be able to live there. Israel will have second and third strike capabilities.

contrast shamir and sharon with netanyahu whose every second word begs the usa and world to take care of Iran. he has no confidence in himself, none whatsoever. is it not obvious to you how weak he is???

it is clear that the idf has to do a better job of toughening the soldiers minds. it is embarrass how many times netanyahu begs the world about Iran.

Israelis-wake up to blood reality. vote for bennett. bibi shoujld be nowhere any security portfolio. i have no confidence in him, gantz or lapid.

vote for Bennett and stop playing games.

Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (06.24.19)
IT IS NOT IRAN. It is the mullhas of Iran. Stop saying Iran this and Iran that. The average people in Iran have no connection with the mullahs and the militias that are running the country by force. None of the mullahs actions are endorsed or supported by the general public. Learn to find ways to address the general public in Iran instead of saying Iran is a terrorist. Even the smiley mullahs president is not in charge of Iran. The mullahs are in their own mafia style way. Start making friends with the real Iranians and stoop giving any voices or attention to these mullahs. They do not represent the real Iran.
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