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Iranians say their 'bones breaking' under U.S. sanctions, but regime shares the blame
Associated Press
Published: 24.06.19, 21:30
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1. Do not trust your leaders
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (06.24.19)
Dear people of Iran, the Ayotollah are leading your nation into oblivion, your nation does not have the might of Israel and US, and best thing for you to do is smarten up. Overthrow the Ayotollah. The days of the Ayotollah are numbered.
2. Eat sand or HANG the mullahs !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.24.19)
3. Netanyahoo is leading us to oblivion!
Marco Kartz ,   Haifa.   (06.25.19)
Ridiculous, it is not true, America's intelligence community has a strong anti-jewish lobby, also it is Netanyahoo's policies leading global jewry to defeat after defeat. We must remove Netanyahoo and bring in a stable leader or else we will be defeated and humiliated like we have been for centuries....
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (06.25.19)
Mentality change. Iranians are just too protective and sensitive about their religion. The mullahs can still make people feel guilty and fool them into following them. The crazy fanatics are not big in numbers, but they will kill and die for the religion. That is very scary since average Iranian is really very peaceful.

5. In '79 Iranians wildly cheered Mullahs every step of the way
Alan ,   SA   (06.25.19)
6. The people of Iran are to be blamed
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (07.22.19)
The people Iran are to be blamed for dethroning the Shah, and they are responsible for their own demise, by installing the Ayatollah. The tyrant who has murdered million of his own people, he is responsible for squandering all of the oil wealth, he has sponsored/sponsoring proxy wars, in Lebanon, Yemen, Syria, worldwide. Billions of dollars that should have been used for the betterment of Iranian lives is being squandered. The people are starving, over three million people are unemployed, inflation running at over 37 %, the value of the rial is 50 % of its value. The people cannot afford essential medicines, The people are struggling to feed their families, people are struggling to get water, there is water shortage, because of mismanagement of nations money and resources. The people of Iran has the people power to defrock the Mullahs Regime, bring back the King.
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