Russia condemns Israeli strikes in Syria, attempts to isolate Iran
Ynet and Agencies
Published: 25.06.19, 15:12
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1. Bibi, the "Consigliere" to both Dons :-)How did this "shitty
little country" get so BIG?
Because we're bloody damn smart.
Yes, you petty antisemites: the envy that eats you from inside is well founded.
We are the little Jew that wrote the Bible (to quote Leonard C)
2. russian plays bibi for a sucker
moe   (06.25.19)
once a sucker always a sucker. russia senses weakness so they pounce on bibi who is petrified of them. he;ll run to trump to save poor israel/

idf, make men out of recruits, not scared wimps.
3. Always unreliable
Ralph. ,   Houston   (06.25.19)
Ivan will do what is beneficial for their own interests. Ivan will also do what it always has done - cause problems. They are not your friend.
4. The Iranian bomb is just like the Israeli bomb,get used to i
Ken   (06.25.19)
5. Russian resume of the meeting sounds differently
Mr.Reason ,   Berlin   (06.25.19)
Understanding that this paper is meant for the US inhabitants, who often get the world explained from the perspective: We Hide Behind The Oceans - No Accountability Needed - one can only suggest to read more often media from countries, which are more sovereign, than the vassals of USA - and those are becoming more and more.
In any case, by unilaterally breaking the nuclear agreement with Iran it is silly to accuse Iran of breaching it - the excessive radioactive material Iran produces should have been being taken care of by USA - but now it is staying in Iran!
The US behavior has nothing to do with concerns regarding Iran's nuclear ambitions, but rather how to keep tensions in the region so they can sell more weapons.

Russia has clearly stated to be concerned about Israels security, and it is a much reliably partner, since it would be directly affected if war breaks out in ME.
US is fishing after cheap financial advantage in dirty waters world wide, in Ukraine, in Georgia, Syria, Baltic countries, etc. at the cost of small countries.

I have never heard the US administration threatening Mexico or Canada with Cruise Missiles in case of disagreements, because they would dare to inflict an armed conflict at their borders, but far beyond the oceans - who cares....

That is why Russia was forced to warn the loose US administration recently, which develops small nuclear devices to be able to use them in a "small, local nuclear war", that any use of nuclear weapons - even small ones - will trigger a full scale response against the political decision makers.

It is time for the US population to realize, that their political leadership in Washington is acting WITHOUT a proper mandate from it's electorate, which is being let in dark regarding their actions.

Remember how Obama called Russia a gas station of the West - I see, that's why couple thousand Russians service men equipped with appropriate hardware kicked USA out from Syria, and now Bolten, the big Schnauzer, met in Israel with Russian negotiator to get Russian opinion on his great plans.
6. Russia is supporting the Shia terror regime in Iran
C   (06.25.19)
putin is playing a double game. he claims that he will secure israel's safety
while aligning russia with the shia terror regime.

putin should stop playing this double game which only embarrasses
the people of mother russia.

there can be no peace in the middle east as long as the shia terror
regime continues on its malign destructive terror campaign.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (06.26.19)
It. As it seems the only people that really care about the real Iranians suffering are Trump and Israel. EU and the rest are mostly looking to gain and ignore the brutal treatment of the mullahs of their own people. EU & Valdi will sell their mothers for any profit form the mullahs. Oh wait! They already have. Trump is right to keep up the pressure on the mullahs. There is nothing in it for USA to gain with this BS nuke deal that OBLAH BLAH made to make himself more popular. He was educated, but hurt the world more than he could fix it. Lybia, Syria and Iran!!! No need to say more.
8. Israelis and Israel are F_ _ _ED !
Barbara Streisand ,   Sydney   (06.26.19)
Zibi is not only petrified of Russia, he is also Petrified of Gantz and soon also petrified of Barak's new political party ! Nefaliyahu is going to jail and this time he will NOT be able to escape....
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