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Israel planning 2,500 electric car charging stations from north to south
Lior Gutman
Published: 26.06.19, 23:27
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1. FIRST, Prohibit import & sales of DIESEL cars except trucks
TheWall   (06.27.19)
ALL sales and import of disgusting terribly polluting commercial cars of the type of French BERLINGO and similar other cars should be OUTLAWED.
These are the ONLY visibly polluting cars that emit BLACK FUMES, in addition to buses. These cars promote and cause cancer. OUTLAW them.
2. Xcuse me: did anyone mentioned exposure to electromagnetic
radiation in connection with electric cars?
How come?!
3. Radiation emitted by current under your feet, anyone?!
4. Here we go AGAIN!...
How will this time be different from the last with the "Better Place" cars and electric service?
5. Great news, thanks!
Lior   (06.27.19)
6. Research indicates it's not a significant risk
ricegf ,   Arlington   (06.29.19)
I presume you mean electromagnetic fields generates by power electronics, which in high concentrations can negative impact humans. However, "We used the measurement results from different heights corresponding to the locations of the heads of an adult and an infant to calculate the induced electric field (E-field) strength using anatomical human models. The results revealed that measured B fields in the rear seats were far below the reference levels by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection." (Evaluating extremely low frequency magnetic fields in the rear seats of the electric vehicles, Lin J et al, Radiation Protection Dosimetry. 182(2):190-199. Dec 2018)

In English: EVs don't pose a risk of EMR overexposure.

7. Let’s hope electric cars idea dies a peaceful death. It’s
absurd and overhyped non-solution to a nonexistent problem.
Gasoline is abundant, gas driven combustion engines work like charm, one day there’ll be a real heir to the mighty 12 cylinder, turbocharged wonder of today....
There.... I’ve said it!
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (08.01.19)
If the Israeli government would stop charging 100% or more on tax per vehicle, that's right 100% tax, they can import the Tesla which is by far one of the most exciting vehicles to own and drive. The 0-60 speed is like 3.2 seconds. The Israel public wouldn't mind paying the price because today every time they purchase a car they buy the government one. It's by far the most wicked form of taxation I ever heard of. The sad thing about it the gullible Israeli public let's the government get away with it. Imagine the uproar if the government of the US said that they will start charging 100% tax on all vehicles imported?
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