Opinion  Sima Kadmon
Can Netanyahu spin himself out of another election?
Sima Kadmon
Published: 27.06.19, 08:14
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1. Getting his September hearing postponed was the reason he
Shachar ,   Eilat   (06.27.19)
wanted new polls. Now that the AG has refused to postpone the hearing he has no use for new elections. But he wants desperately to get to the hearing while he's in the PM's chair where he has numerous evading tactics. Now he is in danger of losing the scheduled election and landing in court as an ordinary MK he is squirming like a worm to cancel the elections. The noose is tightening...slowly but surely....
2. A tired Israeli
Erwin ,   Ramat Gan   (06.27.19)
Is this sickening or I am the only one that feels that the country is closed to becoming a banana republic. What happened to the likes of Ben Gurion, Begin, that made this country the pride of the world. I do feel that for some time (years maybe) we have going downhill. The start up nation that we are all proud of is happening, not because of our leaders, but because of the people; in fact, in spite of the absurd government bureaucracy. So let us learn from Hong Kong, and show our displeasure. Maybe they will listen!
3. With all due respect
Peter ,   Givatayim   (06.27.19)
This is the proof that Bibi was right back then when he told Olmert to step down.
The prime minister is busy to save his skin.
Mr security can't even handle the fire in the south.
What's even worse he doesn't even address the nation about the situation.
The people of the region deserve an answer.
That's the way you want to run the country while looking for loopholes to pay for your lawyer?
4. If Right blows this one, then whatever we'll get: we've got
it coming
How incredibly stupid, narrow sighted and power hungry (even as a politician) can you get?!
I'm referring NOT to Netanyahu, but the likes of Benett, Shaked, Lieberman...
5. Why would he have to "spin" out of anything?
This is poorly veiled attempt (hysterical as it may be) at Fake News & rumors.
6. Israel: The Middle East's only Dictatocracy!
But like the old joke about the Middle East ... The scopion will bite the turtle carrying it across the river to safer shores.
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