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Lebanese town bans Muslims from buying, renting property
Associated Press
Published: 05.07.19, 09:53
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1. Hadat is an example of diversity and cohabitation
Jean Pierrot ,   Holon   (07.05.19)
Indeed this is the ideal setting for showing a Muslim majority can live in a Christian minority in a Christian village.
Can a Jew rent a property in Hadat?
If Jesus comes back to Hadat will he be given a manger or a house or kicked out of town?
2. Each Place Is Responsible for Itself
Lorraine   (07.05.19)
Of course what is reported on here is bad--and but one of many examples of the illiberalism that prevails all over the Arabo-Islamic world, even among Christians from those parts. Many of the denizens of the Middle East are both victims in some instances and perpetrators of illiberalism in other circumstances--and yes: there are those in the West who claim to champion human rights where Israel is concerned but who are woefully and hypocritically remiss in applying their values to the rest of the Middle East--and they should certainly be called out on that. BUT--all of that does not get Israel off the hook regarding its own bouts of illiberalism. However bad the rest of the Middle East is, that is not an excuse for dismissing or diverting attention away from what is going on in Israel. If I were a thief in New York, wreaking havoc and disorder there by my actions, no one would expect the authorities to ignore me because Russia is a worse country than America. However bad anyone else may be--Israel must attend to its own assaults on democracy. See this, for example: -- "Where the Far Right of Israel and Lebanon Meet: Lebanon's discriminatory and xenophobic policies echo those of right-wingers in Israel. Upper Nazareth is a case in point" by Zvi Bar'el
3. Not a legal ban, simply a decision of private citizens
Avi ,   NYC   (07.05.19)
Unlike the habit in Israel that the law allows communities to forbid the joining of Arabs.
Alas, Israel and its media are like the proverbial leper imagining that everyone with freckles is a leper like him.
4. Why should Christians allow themselves to be victims of
MadDad ,   Johannesburg   (07.06.19)
Muslim ethnic cleansing?
This has happened all over the ME
What happened to the Christians of Southern Lebanon?
Ethnically cleansed by Muslims - that’s what.
Yet everyone remains silent
5. Sounds good to me .
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (07.08.19)
7. Lebanese Christian Leaders all Anti Semites
AntiSemiticArabXtns ,   Jerusalem   (07.08.19)
The most vicious anti Israel anti Semitic voices in the Arab Christian world come from the various Pateiachs in Lebanon Greek Orthodox Syriac Maronite and Melkite
Catholic add Egyptian Coptic Patriarch they are all also great supporters of the murder Assad in Syria ..persecuted Christians..?!
8. A good place to live for "islam" following
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (07.09.19)
Yes, a good place to live for "muslims"/"mohammedans"/"islamites" and "islam" followers, or whatever they may call themselves, about 2 billion, is the Kaaba in Mecca.
9. Jews exercise the same policy in Israel toward non-Jews...
Yoni   (07.09.19)
This isn't something surprising. The residents of the Middle East cannot forget recent history. Mixing neighborhoods, allowing Muslims, ultra-orthodox Jews, or other radical peoples to expand into mixed neighborhoods is detrimental to the preservation of liberal and democratic values.

I have dealt with real-estate in Jerusalem and elsewhere in Israel, where the potential buyer was rejected by the seller, because he is "not Jewish".
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