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Trump becomes 1st sitting U.S. leader to enter North Korea
Associated Press
Published: 30.06.19, 08:43
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1. Nothing makes one's day like shaking hands with a deranged
mass-murderer !
2. There's a tremendous feeling in the air, I can feel it even
BEFORE the clammy handshake....
I am sure the Trump speech is written well ahead of time, telling the world of this "historic" and important meeting.
This stuff is straight out of third rate Hollywood, straight to video movies.
3. Maybe if Afghanistan,Iraq,Syria, and now Iran had nukes
Ken   (06.30.19)
there would have been less wars and more negotiations.
4. The united States, Russia and Korea
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn Holland   (06.30.19)
The US and Russia are responsible for the division of the Korean peninsula in 1945, despite the Korean people never attacked another country and people. The most important thing,in this case, is to reunite North and South Korea,if the entire Korean people want that and to end non "islam" dictatorship, on that peninsula. Second important thing is to disarm any country, to get worldpeace, at last. Perhaps also the wisdom and long history of the Jewish People and Israel can play a role for a better world.
5. hopefully this significant meeting will lead to more,
C   (06.30.19)
many more, positive developments.

the people of north korea deserve a better, more secure life.
in order to achieve this better life, north korea does not need
nuclear weapons.
neither japan nor south korea have nuclear weapons but their
peoples live in prosperity.
leader kim can assure for himself a place in history by siding with
his people and his people's welfare.
6. notice for jew sailors
angus ,   tyre, lebanon   (06.30.19)
pope francis, the same man who three and a half years ago dared to denounce to donald trump as the living antichrist, today has praised him as a peace bearer, after which he has invited him to bring peace not only to north korea but also all the world.
these are the side effects of trump's disastrous peace plan for judea and samaria unveiled this week in bahrain, since any plan that gives so-called palestinians a state in the west bank will become a deadly trap for israelis in the medium term.
much better to have no plan than to accept a plan like trump's.
7. Hey C, are you on this planet? N.Korea is suffering from Kim
Michael ,   California, USA   (06.30.19)
And t hasn't achieved any change in that country. This handshake in the DMZ accomplishes nothing. Are you aware of how many opponents are killed by Kim every year for opposing his fascist regime? Sorry to tell you, you are showing clear signs of being terribly brainwashed.
8. "Give me China", said Nixon. Didn't do him much good. Not to
actually compare these two gents, but certain accomplishments tend to be very short lived.
Until now all these "Tremendously Positive' meetings have yielded absolutely nothing of substance.
At least, when he finally nukes The Fatso, Trump can say: but I tried, bloody hard too!
9. #6: Well said, angus, you're a decent whistle-blower
R. Shalom ,   Palmachim-Israel   (07.01.19)
After learning Trump's plan, it's fair to acknowledge that his egregious gifts of Jerusalem and the Golan Heights were intended as a new Trojan horse for the Jews to welcome his cunning plan with the most favorable and naive disposition.

You may be sure that HH Pope Francis is having visions of transfiguration again, and very probably he's already planning a flying visit to the White House to honor President Trump with his preternatural presence, and also to hug, kiss and bless him as the great prodigal son who finally has chosen the path of the good father. Most likely, the visit will take place on the next Yom Kippur, as he did with President Obama once he approved Iran's nuclear plan.

What a happy meeting that day must took place, both men ecstatic sharing the yearned dream of the final Atonement of the evil Jewish race at the hands of the Iranians!

But if things were fast because Trump wanted to hasten the creation of a terrorist entity in the heart of Israel, it is very possible that the Vicar of Christ would advance his visit to coincide with the next Tisha b'Av, to include as a sensational event within the most conspicuous anti-Semitic celebrations in history.

Surely, one of the main topics of the meeting will be the number of Nobel Prizes that Trump would like to receive for his contribution to the cause of Peace (English for Islam).
10. So he visited N.Korea sitting? That's a first indeed!
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (07.03.19)
Mullahs out of Iran, then we may have chance at peace. But EU companies love doing biz with the mullahs since they pay cash in advance. So no chance there. Hypocrite EU!!!
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