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Our extortion arrangement with Hamas
Alex Fishman
Published: 30.06.19, 23:44
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1. Why Israel Is Squeezable
DSM ,   USA   (07.01.19)
Israel is so easily squeezable because no matter who the PM is, he is worried about how negative world opinion effects Israel and himself. It will never change until Israel finds and elects a leader who is a complete nationalist. That person certainly is not on the political scene at this time and the terrorist know this.
2. Alex is a hawk now but advocating restraint in the past
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.01.19)
3. How true!!! Send bum Netanyahu packing before it's too late!
ab   (06.30.19)
4. Our extortion arrangement with Hamas
Bill ,   Ginnosar   (07.01.19)
My sentiment exactly
5. ISRAEALkeeps hamassoles alive as a fulcrum against abbassole
DAVZEE ,   ATL   (07.01.19)
and his henchmen FEH!TAH!

otherwise, there is no other reason to keep them alive!

personally, Israel doesn't need them and should surgically destroy each and every one of them. Immed.
6. Our Extortion Arrangement with Hamas
David Horne ,   Portland, Oregon   (07.01.19)
Soooo, when enough men, women, children and elderly have died from starvation, lack of food and fuel, they'll come around. Would you? The North Vietnamese didn't, American colonists didn't, and the Jews in Warsaw didn't. I think it was an American who said "give me liberty or give me death". And if the Palestinians deicdenot to be "rational" but to fight to the last, as you would in their place, what will you do then, exterminate them all? Ah yes, the solution to the Palestinian Question. zieg heil
7. MR
Eliyahu Kitov ,   Safed   (07.01.19)
More of this please
8. "Strongman" Alex babbling again... oy vey, what a creep!
9. How sad. How true.
Hal ,   Tel Aviv   (07.01.19)
10. resume targeted killings, no deal with terrorists
11. Opposition babblers talk a good game
Jake   (07.01.19)
but always act differently when they are in positions of power.
*It was Benny Gantz as Chief of Staff during Tzuk Eitan who advised the government NOT to destroy the Hamas terror tunnels. Netanyahu acted on Gantz' advice.
*It was Moshe Ya'alon who similarly adhered to the policy of "containment" regarding Hamas in Gaza.
*It was Ehud Barak who withdrew haphazardly from Lebanon, pulled the rug from under the feet of our SLA allies, and handed victory on a single platter to Hizbullah, the results of which we are feeling to this day.
12. Why we don’t respond in Gaza
Howard Feldman ,   San Diego   (07.01.19)
Concerned about second front opening with Hezbollah
13. Those who attack bibI supported terrorists for years...
Remember it is the left, until now, who has pretended Abbas is not evil and the Palestinians are peaceful.

They should never have been allowed to grow this strong in the first place and it will only get worse.
14. This extortion scheme is called dhimma or protection
Avi L.   (07.04.19)
This extortion scheme is called dhimma or protection or racket or "insurance", but it is about some bully that takes money from someone who is weaker

The fact is that Israel is NOT the weaker side, Bibi is the weak link in Israel chain

End Hamas before to come to blows with the other khomeinists

Bibi is bad for the Jews
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