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Iran rejects U.S. accusation it long violated nuclear deal
Published: 02.07.19, 08:53
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1. If Iran brought Atomic Bomb to Brussels and put it on table
Alan ,   SA   (07.02.19)
in the Council Hall- EU would say absolutely nothing! Same if under a Dem Administration on the White House Rose Garden.-also nothing!
2. Why does an Israeli media lie about the dozens of breaches?
By Iran from procuring nuclear tech to going over the 300 limit.
4 nations reported these breaches on their territory. Germany specifically.
They lied about nuclear related facilities and their plans for nuclear weapons.
Amongst other breaches.

Why would an Israeli newspaper continue to lie and pretend Iran is keeping a deal which global media has reported and proven otherwise.

Iran wants to wipe out Israel.

Do journalists have any integrity left? Any loyalty or morality?
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