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Iranians say US sanctions hurt people, not government
Associated Press
Published: 02.07.19, 21:14
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1. change through a breaking economy & unbearable stress
Cameron   (07.03.19)
2. So is it worse in Israel or Iran or America?
Ken   (07.03.19)
3. Don't forget to yell death to America...DAMNED MORONS !!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (07.03.19)
4. above.
moishe   (07.03.19)
very true. but it does not hurt elite who are corrupt and prosper. too many ordinary Iranians are too stupid to realize they are being taken advantage of. and many Iranians live well as they conspire with leaders to suppress revolt. oil wealth is wasted on military and subversive support of terrorists. low point for a people with a great history and potential.
5. Dear Iranians, stop blaming and have an well armed uprising
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.03.19)
6. If The Sanctions Hurt the People overthrow the Ayatollah
lal ram ,   Wolverhampton, UK   (07.03.19)
If the people of Iran are suffering because of US sanctions, only they are responsible for putting the Ayatollah in power. They got the power to overthrow
to overthrow his regime. The Ayatollah regime is wicked and evil, it is not oppressing it's oppressing it's own people, but is responsible for nearly all the proxy wars. They are the chief funder of terrorist entities all over the world. If you, your children want to live prosperous and peaceful lives overthrow your Ayatollah.
7. Like stating: The Allied bombings hurt Germans, not their
elected Nazi government.
Duh, dumbos: it is MEANT to hurt "people".
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