Driver attacked by Ethiopian protesters: I saw my death before me
Itai Blumenthal
Published: 03.07.19, 15:14
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1. the protesters are right - the violence attached is wrong
doda ,   tel aviv   (07.03.19)
2. Police guilty
Aleksandr rogach ,   Nyc   (07.03.19)
By not responding to violents people got hurt property damage and who will pay you taxpayer whoever order to stay put should be fired it's a clear signal if you angry just go kill and destroy nothing will happen
3. The reason “Ethiopians” are harassed is because they
unfortunately look like our Arab cousins, or illegal African infiltrators.
Pity that by acting the way they do now, they resemble them on the inside too.
There is no “racism” behind this unfair conduct of police towards our Ethiopian citizens....
4. You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors off !
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