Opinion  Ben-Dror Yemini
The left insists on saving Netanyahu from his voters
Ben-Dror Yemini
Published: 06.07.19, 22:37
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1. That is way I left 35 years ago
Shlomo cohen ,   LA   (07.07.19)

”A person without a country, without history without family
Have nothing but his path to walk and be at awe of what is out there”
The indoctrination of people is a poison that takes a lifetime to clean
To be free of the groups pain and fears.
To be free you can't be attached to one story where there are hundreds
And for that you must forsake your ”history” and move not to be attached to any!

2. Bibi needs to do the honourable thing
Talula ,   Tel Aviv   (07.07.19)
Pack up and get out. He has had his time - yes he has done good - but he's also done a whole lot of bad. He's 70 this year, he needs to retire and take his vile wife and loud-mouth hateful son with him.
3. I hear name-calling from both sides every day of the week
Shachar ,   Eilat   (07.07.19)
Suddenly the right is some delicate flower that will be offended if someone calls them names...do us a favor! People vote right-wing because they fear change, that is why they call them conservative. 95% of the population votes emotionally and when they get sick of their party they don't vote at all. There is no policy discussed anymore because the voters don't care about policy. There is lots of "reality TV like drama" he said that, she said this....- because that is what they are addicted to.
4. Yep, the Leftist idiots are once again feeling superior, as
only educated fools are able to.
Fortunately us, the Likud -baboons know better...
5. In order to have a chance, Left must stand left of ..Kahane!
6. The Alternative?
Zeev   (07.07.19)
Ok Ben. You do your best to position yourself as an intellectual, but fail miserably in your article. "Netanyahu must step down" you say. So I have 2 moronic questions.
1. What exactly is he doing wrong that someone else could do better?
2. Who exactly do you see as replacing him? And why do you think they would do a better job?

Any you are right, I do fear change when it is for the worse.
7. If you dont want "Halachstan in Israel" VOTE LIBERMAN !!
DANNS   (07.07.19)
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