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Trump is 'very fond' of Palestinian President Abbas, willing to engage on peace plan: Kushner
Published: 03.07.19, 21:35
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1. Please don't speak on my behalf
Moi   (07.03.19)
I am not a refugee. I left my home, my friends, my nannies and servants in Morocco to follow the zionist dream. I had 100% His Majesty Hassan II, peace be upon him, protection. I can go back anytime I want and welcomed from the arrival hall at the airport to the streets of Casablanca. Bringing a pharmacist from Morocco and asking him to do earthwork, while an illiterate polish stands over him, is hardly called "absorbing". Israel: get your act together with the new wave of French jews. You are doing the same elitist mistake.
2. we R not a herd of sheep like Saudis&GulfArabs,we tell Abbas
Khalid ,   Jerusalem   (07.04.19)
what to do, not the other way around. If he refuses, we get rid of him
3. "Trump very fond of Abbas" HA HA HA
Roy ,   Ct   (07.04.19)
Just shows kushner's desperation..... Coming so low trying flattery. Cheap flattery won't work. Palestinian rights, freedom, land cannot be bought with dollars and cheap flattery. Give back stolen Palestinian land, get rid of zionist oppressive occupation and apartheid against the Palestinian people, allow Palestinian refugees to return back to their own fully fledged Palestinian State. Then see how the Palestinians will develop their State and economy. Only this will bring genuine peace in the region.. Conning the Palestinians with "deal of the century" will only bring endless conflict in the region...
4. The methodology for surveying Pals has existed for years
Sam ,   Montreal   (07.04.19)
The survey would ask Palestinians if they prefer to stay where they are, go somewhere else or go to West Bank, Israel. The Palestinian leadership refuses to participate because it wants a return to Israel to overturn the Jewish state. Kushner is naive trying to patch something together.
5. #1 MOI
Don't worry ,the ' zionist dream " treats many ,perhaps all ,immigrants the same way.The more highly qualified you are in your country of origin ,the more they expect you to dig ditches and clean bathrooms here.
6. #1 MOI
I doubt Israel will ever " get its act together " as it is too content with the status quo ( and I do not mean the rock band ).
7. ' Trump is fond of him '
Hopefully not in the biblical sense...
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