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Biblical bad guys the ancient Philistines came from Europe, DNA shows
Published: 06.07.19, 18:32
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1. The name Philistines comes from Plishtim meaning invaders
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.06.19)
in Hebrew

It is ironic that Arabs making false claims to Jewish lands adopted this name in the Arabic corruption of Falastin.
2. We know!
eli ,   tel aviv   (07.06.19)
Scholars don't have to be puzzled "for decades". Our tradition already told us centuries ago that the Philistines were invaders from the north and Pharaoh fought them.
3. Ooooops.....!!!!!
claudio   (07.06.19)
So the palestinians, originals from this lands are from european origin?????Send them back to Europe........ : )
4. No, the Philistines were a bunch of thugs from Flatbush...
manicdrummer ,   Haifa   (07.06.19)
...and the blame goes squarely on the shoulders of their parents, teachers and probation officers. See, if a community takes up the initiative to raise a generation that's motivated to contribute to the common good, the whole world benefits. But no, just let 'em stay out after dark and run amok and what do we end up with? And then one of 'em ran afoul, got his noggin knocked by someone one-tenth his size and...OK, moderator, you got me. I made all that up. Sorry, just trying spice up an otherwise dry new story.
5. Ah Hah
Arnie ,   Montreal   (07.06.19)
So does this mean that the Palestinians who are supposed to be the remake of the Philistines are the ones who snuck in from Europe. How fitting and hilarious.
6. mister
Danny ,   birch bay, wa   (07.06.19)
like the ROMANs
7. Tell us something we don't know& encounter daily:-))
8. above
moishe   (07.06.19)
Palestine etc. a gross lie. go home.
9. Funny that this is in the Travel category :-)
GM   (07.07.19)
10. The ancient biblical villains from the" Laberynt" in ISRAEL
DANNS ,   MONTEVIDEO   (07.06.19)
Apparently the ancient phylistines were original from Crete in the Aegean sea Or from another island near Crete .They had probably a very militarized and brutal culture and were very advanced with the metals .They were the worst enemies of the Hebrew old states or kingdoms .Their principal cities were around the Ashkelon and the strip of Gaza region ..At certain moment of the history apparently they were military defeated and theier militarized and brutal culture disappeared from the ancient Eretz Israel .Then the worst enemies of the Hebrew states or kingdoms became the greek- syrians till the arrival of the Roman Empire after the Greek Alexander (In time before to the arrival of the Greek Alexander the Asyrian/Babilonis invasions destroyed the old kingdoms of Israel and Judeah and generated the lost of the 10 tribes and the babilonian exile In the babilonian exile was .when the hebrew heroe was the biblical prophet DANIEL He was the international advisor and counsellor of sucesive kings and princes in Babilonia and Persia and always seeked the freedom and return to Eretz Israel of the exiled jews Finally he probably arranged with Cirous of Persia after he defeated BABILONIA the liberation of the jews from the Babilonian exile as his international counsellor The Prophet DANIEL after that probably continued as counsellor with Darius from Persia And never returned to old Eretz Israel Apparently he passed aqay (ZLB) and buried in old Babilonia or Persian lands And his historical tomb is a sacred place also for the Hebrews and the islamics The evangelical cristhians also have and important sentiment and big reverence for the biblical hebrew prophet DANIEL one of the most famous international Hebrew orophets )
11. Origin in historical era of the Sea Peoples perhaps?
Cameron   (07.07.19)
12. do you know any semitic languages?
bla   (07.07.19)
I dont know where you got that nonsense from but both words have different consonant roots. Semitic language dont work like indo-european languages.
13. You should become a historian
bla   (07.07.19)
These "traditions" you talk about are pretty vague about where the philistines came from. With the exception of Egypt pretty much every invader came from the north. Its a matter of geography. And what is north? Aram? Philistia? Hardly Europe...
And the Pharao fought the "sea people". And the theory that the philistines were part of these sea people is still far away from being conclusive. The same Pharao straight up invented wars he said he fought.
14. The archeological ban
Dirk Maxwell ,   Whitchurch‚ÄźCardiff   (07.07.19)
Once demonstrated what some Israelis had long suspected, it would be very convenient for the cause of peace that the European Union and the United Nations to finance a great campaign that recognized the DNA of each and every one of the Arabs living in Israel, Judea and Samaria, in order that the entire planet to know the places of origin of those who demand the return of the territories that, in their opinion, belonged to them from the beginning of time.

Similarly, it will also contribute much to the cause of peace that archeologists continue to study in depth the places where the many tribes that populated the Levant settled before the arrival of the People of God, to know everything about their places of origin.

But what I just said will never happen. The DNA of the 'Palestinians' doesn't matter to the European Union and the United Nations. What they really care about is creating an entity that is gradually expelling the Jews of Israel.

Therefore, it is very likely that the UN and EU urgently promote laws for which Israel will be prohibited from further archaeological studies. In addition, the EU will ban all its scientific institutes from collaborating with Israeli archaeologists.
15. No Levantine DNA-White European Zionist Junk Science
Steve Benassi ,   Plymouth, MN USA   (07.08.19)

The Geography of Jewish Ethnogenesis

Also see...
16. ShimShon = Sun, Light, Good, Deleilah = Night, Darkness,Evil
NYC   (07.08.19)
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