Peretz: No right-wing union with Kahane acolyte
Yuval Karni
Published: 04.07.19, 14:09
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1. There is a place for religious fanatics and it's called...
Secular Israeli   (07.04.19)
It's called Saudi Arabia. If you want to enforce your religious extremist ideology on the people of Israel then no thanks, keep them to yourself and you can move to Saudi Arabia.

Israel is a modern and secular country. We are in 2019 and people still think that a sky god is asking them to oppress people with backwards ideas. Israel is and will remain secular, we will not become like Saudi Arabia.
2. Kahane was absolutely correct in assessment of the Muslim
mind& aspirations.
As for religious coercion: well, how is it different from a political coercion of any kind?!
Once certain ideas take hold in proportionately large segment of society, they tend to form "parties" and a will to impose said ideas on the majority.
If done through democratic process: though luck, folks (and it certainly sometimes is, think Germany/Hitler)
3. Kahane was no worse, probably better.....
Eliyahu   (07.06.19)
than the religious hypocrites, secular hypocrites, and numbskulls in the knesset, with a little k.
4. Jews are defined by their religon
Sha'i ben-Tekoa   (07.07.19)
If Israel is a secular country, what is it doing with the Shield of David the Sabbath observant religious poet and two stripes on its flag modeled after the Jewish prayer shawl? If secular, why are its army and hospitals required to observe the Jews' spiritual discipline of appetite control called kashrut? Strip the Jewish people and the Jewish state of its religion and nothing is left. The Declaration of Independence opens with a claim to this land based on the Bible. This opinionator is simply not thinking.
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