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Revolutionizing the food systems in Israel and U.S.
Sarah Vorsanger, ZAVIT* – Science and Environment News Agency
Published: 06.07.19, 13:33
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1. Export the left over
Me   (07.06.19)
To New Zealand. Growers and retailers think they are oral surgeons. 1 single cucumber $6 and potatoes at $3.20 . Avocado is a joke at $7 a piece
2. Rafik the Arab is ignoramus, doesn't care about such things
Steve Benassi ,   Minneapolis USA   (07.06.19)
3. As long as prices are too high to eat healthy, people
barbara ,   Haifa   (07.06.19)
will continue to eat what they can afford. And sometimes those are items
that are not as healthy as others. And I emphasize, now, on the prices
of produce - fruit and vegetables. As is, not only are prices high for produce,
but also the quality sucks.
CONFUCIUS ,   SAFED CHINA   (07.06.19)
You can not teach old israelis new tricks......
5. By all means: reduce waste, but stop babbling about "gas-
emissions" & global warming!
It's our Big Daddy, the Sun that's (true to its nature) causing the temporary havoc.
6. above
moishe   (07.06.19)
look up Canada Health food guide chart, 2019. follow!
eat natural (not only organic), eat healthy, don't overeat, and exercise.
avoid processed commercial prepared foods. buy with caution. read label.
spend your money wisely on healthy lifestyle. better returns on investment.
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