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UK seizes Syria-bound oil tanker in Gibraltar
Published: 04.07.19, 19:05
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1. Is Nelson still on his column?
Mack the Knife ,   Gallowshire UK   (07.05.19)
That the Royal Navy has dared to seize an Iranian super-oil tanker when the whole world trembles with fear before Iran is something really shocking.

But the fact that the seizure has took place right in front of the Rock of Gibraltar, the most precious war trophy of the former British Empire, the largest and most formidable empire that has ever existed, it's a proclamation of power that hasn't been heard since the Falklands war.

It seems that the Royal Navy is waking up from a very long hibernation and that, despite all the budgetary cuts it has suffered, it would like to proclaim loud and clear that it is there for whatever it takes.

It seems that the old HMS Victory commanded by the Grand Admiral would like to sail again to do what no one but the Royal Navy knows how to do perfectly: Win Wars.

If so, may God have mercy on the Iranians.
2. Excellent
Cameron   (07.06.19)
Back on the right track for dealing with the Persians & their hustle.

Reassuring this maritime seizure.

Brits are old hands at boarding vessels.

The game is definitely in full play.
3. Genocidal Shia terror regime
C   (07.05.19)
iran is now sailing oil tankers around the cape of good hope--africa.

the shia terrorists would rather attempt a very long journey than
sit down and negotiate with the united states and its allies.

even though, the shia terrorists have lost since their oil tanker was
seized at the mouth of gibraltar.
at this point, all routes from iran to the rest of the world are shuttered.
threats by iran insignificant.
4. The birth of a leader
Dieter Brugman ,   Larkhill - UK   (07.06.19)
As additional information is coming in on the seizure of the Royal Marines of the Iranian supertanker, it becomes clear that it has been the Government of Gibraltar, boldly led by Mr. Fabian Picardo, who ordered the capture, and that he did so without consulting or asking for prior consent to the British and the Spanish Governments and the European Commission. It was only after the seizure was successfully ended that Gibraltar informed them of what had happened.

In my opinion, Mr. Picardo has carried out an act of unprecedented political courage that deserves to be rewarded by the British government, promoting him to a position in which he can develop his great capabilities, and among all the possible ones none better than the Foreign Office.
Iranian Jew ,   LALA LAND   (07.07.19)
BP needs to get cheaper oil from the mullas? We all know that we can’t really trust UK. Aren’t we in this conflicts mostly because UK gave Jordan to a wrong king?
6. The new Fabian Way
Sarah ,   Ashkelon   (07.07.19)
Until last Thursday, the Fabian way was defined as the caution and the avoidance of direct confrontation, which was the way of making war of the Roman general Quintus Fabius Maximus.

Since last Thursday, that cowardly definition has become obsolete, and to distinguish it from the previous one it should be called Fabian Picardo Way.
7. Thinking about Seething Things
Nick Helder ,   Swansea UK   (07.07.19)
I get the impression that Mrs. May, the British PM, just had another boil on the lower part of her long back, one still bigger than the previous one that will be very difficult to operate. I'm so sorry for her, because for long she won't find a chair to sit comfortably.

It's very symptomatic that the British newspapers maintain a thunderous silence about the possible aftermath of the capture of the Iranian supertanker. Nobody dares to say a word about the hottest issue in Britain since the end of the Cold War. I don't rule out the possibility that in a few days the UK will suffer from the most acute lack of toilet paper

But all that and more is due to the deleterious influence of the frivolous British tabloids, the church of England and the apparent lack of men with vision, because in my opinion, right at this moment, the United Kingdom resembles a spaceship perfectly placed on its launching pad just a few hours before its spectacular takeoff towards the center of infinity, without possible error.

From my humble watching place, I take the opportunity to kindly ask the Supreme Leader of Iran to press the red launch button.

Willingly, or by force, like the prophet Jonah, finally no one can escape from his/her destiny.
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